The world is rapidly changing and in the next 3 years it will not look anything like it does today. To thrive you must be able to tap into a global marketplace with individuals you can trust, that are looking out for your best interest and will work together to build something greater than they could on their own.

More than 20 years in the making The Entrepreneur Pit Stop’s 3 fold vision is to:

1) Reliable One Stop Resource Center

Time is of the essence and trying to locate reliable vendors, information, and resources is difficult. To save time wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a resource center where you could get quick access to everything you need from people you could trust?

The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop is just that. The Entrepreneur Pit Stop was created with the vision in mind to create a trustworthy and reliable one stop resource center that would contain everything needed to enable an individual or business to grow their business with the goal of improvement in 180 days or less.

From trustworthy partners and teams, that would help with the different aspects of building and growing a business, such as web developers, graphic artists, business plan writers, advisers, fulfillment centers, manufactures est., to the necessary resources of capital and tools. No longer do you have to invest hours online trying to locate a vendor you can trust that will treat you fairly and honestly. In The Entrepreneur Pit Stop you will find them all here for a fair and ethical investment.


2) An Online Community

Every great civilization or cause that impacted our world occurred only when people of like mind came together, were willing to set aside egos and work together for the common good of the group. The Entrepreneur Pit Stop believes that the next greatest opportunity will be the unifying power of true business owners who can come together to both teach and help each other how to take their dreams and ideas to market with honesty and integrity.

One Major Difference The main difference between the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop and other online networks is that our members are men and women who understand that true prosperity and freedom can only come when we look out for the true development of our fellow entrepreneurs. They understand that Entrepreneurs are the key to helping our world.

E.P.S. business owners are committed to help empower, equip and engage the community in activities that strengthen and build the community.


3) Global Revolution

The world is quickly spinning out of control in many areas and life as we know it has changed dramatically. Power structures of times past are rapidly crumbling and those at the top are scrambling to try and make sense of it all.

What we are seeing is an exodus online to find answers. However there are places where people are thriving. Those places are on local levels, as they build resilient systems, and online.

For Example…Social networks is where massive power is accumulating. Those communities that work together for the common good will cause a global revolution that will free humanity to be more creative and cause more wealth to be distributed for all.

The Entrepreneur Pit Stop is one online community that has combined social networking with the tools and resources needed to assist entrepreneurs and business owners.

With a combination of affiliate based resources, alliances and power networks, business tools, and other resources, E.P.S. is striving to enable people from all walks of life to come and not only learn the skills of global business but to also to help them earn incomes equal to or greater than traditional employment, while helping their local communities.

When individuals around the globe can learn the skills to earn extra income per month, they now have the revenue that can take care of their families, help others & feeds the economies of the world to continue purchasing goods and services around the globe. When those same entrepreneurs & business owners start helping one another, we can create a global revolution of positive change. Not to mention you will no longer be tied to one economy.

As an Entrepreneur Pit Stop member you can add value to your world by helping elevate people from all walks of life, learn and employ these new skills. You see true wealth is not in money but in the proper wise deployment of Divine ideas and people.

Through the equipping, empowering and engagement of people from all over the globe to accomplish their individual GOD given purpose and destiny, you effectively will be part of a global revolution for true freedom and prosperity!

Come & Join with us in this entrepreneurial movement to make our world a better place for all of us.