To succeed in any endeavor you must have the right team behind you. They must be both wise and flexible. In a world that is rapidly deteriorating into selfish interests and quick fix bailouts it’s getting harder and harder to locate people you can trust. But one solid truth always remains is that as Tony Robbins had shared “pressure reveals what’s inside an individual and an organization.” The Entrepreneur Pit Crew is a well seasoned team shaped in the fires of adversity that have demonstrated the character attributes of patience, long-suffering, integrity, honesty, honor and fairness. They come with a long track record of global success ranging from Billion Dollar Consortium’s to Bootstrapped Start-ups. With more than 200+ businesses being helped in over 69 countries our “Pit Crew” is focused on helping you win both on and off the track!

Check out Our Crew below:

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Your Winning Team Behind You!

Selecting the right team is critical to long term success so please invest the time to get to know just some of The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop crew  by reading about each one of our team member because trust is the bridge that takes you to opportunities not previously available.


John Wells


Wells_ProfileBorn in Jackson, Mississippi John Wells perused a musical career with 5 years of voice training, 7 years of piano lessons, 8 years of trumpet lessons. But as life would have it John had to peruse another route to reach the top of his mountain. As a result John developed a strong background in sales and found himself in multiple leadership roles where he led start ups and other organizations, some over 1,000 people, to reach their full potential. His journey also took him through a rich experience of sales, insurance, and spiritual pursuits where he also was consistently at the top of his field.
When John’s musical career took flight he found himself traveling all over the southern United States performing over 200 separate events in the last 19 years.

John also has invested thousands of hours helping people peruse the proper course of action to put their lives on the fast track to success.

John has served at Tri-Vision Global’s Director of Spiritual Development, as one of Precision Life’s head coaches, and now both as a coach and an adviser here at the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop. He invests his time in helping individuals strategize how to get to where they want to go while also providing the necessary insight and accountability that most individuals need to ensure a quick victory.

John has a gift for helping people reach their full potential and learning how to work harmoniously towards an objective.

With his warm heart and unwavering honesty, along with his insight, seasoned with results, TVG rests confidently knowing that John leadership helps us navigate the seas of life to reach our port of call safely and successfully!


Jim McKie


Jim_mckie_miniJim McKie is an Executive Management Professional with strong sales, training and consulting background for diversified industries from corporate America, to serving the needs of others in the world of non-profits. While working with non profits, Jim consulted to State and National Government officials throughout the United States and Latin America to address the diverse needs of at risk youth.

Jim’s training background includes coordinating and presenting national workshops on a variety of youth related topics, developing training materials and individualized training sessions with outcome based training, and developing workshops on Teleconferencing, Sales & Marketing, and Recruiting strategies.

He produced and hosted “Family Matters”, a weekly radio talk show that delved into family dynamics and relationships. He was also actively involved in the development of corporate promotional and training videos.

Prior to joining the team, he was a Divisional Manager with an international Management Consulting Company providing business strategies of break-even technology, policies and procedures, retention, sales and marketing. Jim has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.

Jim also served as the President of Princeton Financial Group. Princeton specializes in the acquisition of income producing assets for their private investment partners. With well coordinated financial planning and strategic project selection Princeton has been able to strengthen the retirement and income needs of its partners..


Dr. Larry Pate


Pate_headshotv2Dr. Larry Pate has started six companies of his own and consulted on the start-up of hundreds of others. He was written over 100 business plans including the financial pro-formas and strategic planning for those companies. He is an expert in business planning who is also a friendly and personable life coach for his clients.

Dr. Pate has four postgraduate degrees, including a doctorate in International Studies and an MBA (Regis University-highest honors).

He has authored three books and over 100 published articles in up to eight languages each. Yet his “down to earth” practical understanding of “how things work” and “what to do next” demonstrate how experienced he is in the real world of business and life skills.


Roger Gauthier


tvg_dad001Often referred to as an Entrepreneurial Composer, Roger has developed a method of helping individuals and companies that enable them to create their perfect song.

Serving as Chairman and CEO of Tri-Vision Global Inc. (TVG), a Holistic Business Optimization company, he uses an intuitive approach to optimize key components of life and business for maximum results.

Roger has invested over 25 years studying, researching and working in the personal improvement, peak performance industry. With more than 20 start-ups under his belt, Roger brings a broad base of entrepreneurial start ups and management experience in fields including: Health & Fitness, IT Consulting, Training, Environmental Health, Satellite Broadcasting, Sales and Personal & Executive Coaching just to name a few. He has built a multinational organization extending into Turkey, Norway, Italy, and the US.

Roger solid sales back ground earned him the title of top sales position for Jim Rohn, mentor to Tony Robbins, Less Brown, Tom Hopkins and many others, through Achievement Seminars International, the 3rd. largest seminar promotions company in the world. There he consistently out performed all the traveling teams.

His seminar experience was forged in the trenches promoting some of the biggest names in the industry such as Tony Robbins, Less Brown, Jim Rohn, and Omar Periu. He then transferred those skills and began assisting start-ups where he was instrumental in helping them gain clarity and direction to grow their companies by aligning with and implementing proper principles.

His experience broadened to encompasses business consulting where he provided guidance to companies throughout the United States.

As a subscriber to his own beliefs for growth, Roger further developed his skills to embrace the power of the internet & social marketing, with all its dimensions, and has now assisted in building more than 20 businesses on line in the areas of book sales, coaching, seminars, real-estate, apparel, newsletters, fine china and much more.

His internet launch reached 400,000 people in less than 7 minutes and has seen in more than 29 countries in less than 72 hours.

Roger’s studies included a double major in Physics & Aerospace engineering at the University Of Colorado, Sports Medicine & Exercise Physiology at Chapman University, and Business Administration & New Venture Start-ups at Cal State Hayward.

Roger’s approach to business excellence was shaped and fine tuned while Roger worked at the largest most successful airline in the world, his twenty plus years in the personal improvement industry and his twenty plus years as a pilot.

Using the same skills as a pilot and applying them to military strategy TVG will help you achieve “Xtreme Success™”

Roger travels “without limits” to address audiences who are tired and fed up with the way things are and are looking for real solutions to real challenges. Sharing insights from hard learned experience Roger brings wisdom, resources & key ideologies that launch any business or individual to what he calls “Xtreme Success™”

Roger’s primary role is to serve as a loving husband, compassionate father, author, keynote speaker, insightful consultant, intense trainer, passionate coach, and facilitator for established companies throughout the United States. He brings a fresh & lively message anywhere in the world, to individuals, organizations, and companies that want “Xtreme Results.”