Brief History The Entrepreneur Pit Stop was birthed out of the trials and tribulations of Founder Roger Gauthier as he tried to take Tri-Vision Global INC. online. Frustrated with half truths and cheesy sales letters of so called Guru’s, Roger began developing an alliance of like minded entrepreneurs that could be trusted to be honest and fair and who would look out after each other. When Roger saw the changes coming economically and the deception fed to most people, Roger decided to follow his heart and create a place that made sense to help entrepreneurs navigate the changes and develop the skills in a way that made sense. Not just “buy, try, and hope you make it approach” that most online guru’s promote. Thus he began building this online community, or tribe.

After investing more than 21,000 hours of research and practical application, along with more than $100,000 Roger, is launching this Pit Stop to be a comprehensive and growing online resource center where individuals can come, regardless of experience and learn, refresh, grow and develop without the high costs of learning in today’s offline and “Guru”digital world.

Our ultimate goal is to be a complete resource depot with not only the teams, resources, and tools from people you could trust, but also The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop will be employing an income generator so you can also earn additional income to alleviate the pressure created while trying to learn new skills at the same time of balancing family, job and all the other challenges life throws at you.

Now you can grow personally and professionally in a logical sequence that makes sense, while in an environment that is safe and maximizes returns on effort!