Meet Our Expert Advisory Panel

The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop has worked hard over the last 5 years at finding the right people who have a mission of helping others fulfill their destiny and to develop the skills necessary to not just navigate and succeed in the chaotic times in which we live, but also to become beacons of light as times become more difficult.

Each expert brings to the table significant wisdom and experience in both the good times, and more importantly in the bad times so that you can endure and come out the other side stronger and better than when you went into your “Night Seasons.”

Here is just a snapshot of our ever-growing panel of advisers:

Dr. Ron Jenson ~ Co-founder, Future Achievement


DrRonJenson_1Dr. Ron Jenson is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today on the subjects of authentic success and authentic leadership. He is the Co-founder (Thought Leader) of Future Achievement International and is recognized worldwide as “America’s Life Coach.”

Dr. Ron Jenson is an expert in the area of personal leadership development. His research in the area spans 30 years, during which time he has interviewed over 1,000 international leaders in a variety of corporate, government, educational, and non-profit executive positions. Ron Jenson is a published author of several books and is the main spokesperson and personality for Future Achievement International. His most popular book is Achieving Authentic Success® that has been published in multiple languages and has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.


Wally Amos ~ Creator of Famous Amos Cookies


wally-amos-recipes-for-life1Wally Amos is the genuine, ebullient and gregarious father of the gourmet chocolate chip cookie. He is a motivational speaker who travels the world, and he is the author of ten inspiring books with love as the common ingredient, and a tireless advocate of conducting life with an affirmative attitude.Know as The Cookie Man, Wally’s baking hobby led him to open the world’s first cookie store in Los-Angeles in 1975. Today, decades later, he’s still in business at The Cookie Man Hawaii®, the only company baking from pure, unadulterated Wally Amos recipes.

Additionally, he is an advocate for reading who believes that the recipe for ending illiteracy in America is to read to your child daily.




Omar Periu ~ CEO


casual_shirt_nobackIn all of his years of watching and learning from some of the greatest wealth coaches in the world, Omar Periu discovered something most never will:  that becoming wealthy rarely happens by accident.

Most people get wealthy by gaining knowledge, then using that knowledge in an applied and focused manner.

Getting wealthy, Omar discovered, isn’t necessarily difficult – but does require strong, steady action and the right attitude – not the here and there, now and then, get-rich-quick schemes that seem to dominate, especially these days.

Omar became wealthy  because he chose to discover how.  He then put his knowledge into applied action.   He intently watched others succeed.  And in the ultimate test of what he figured out – he used what he knew to succeed himself.

Omar Periu now devotes himself to teaching others how to become wealthy.  He works with the whole person, mentoring others as much about life and and attitude as financial tactics, so that someone can take their unique knowledge, passion and focus and apply it in strong, steady action.  So that they, too can become wealthy and truly prosper. So that they’ll have the money they want, and the life they want.

Danny Iny ~ CEO Firepole Marketing


_MG_8642_240Danny Iny (@DannyIny), a.k.a. the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging”, is the proud founder of Firepole Marketing. He’s also the author of the Amazon best-selling book Engagement from Scratch!, the Naked Marketing Manifesto, and the Audience BusinessMasterclass (among other things).

Now for the long version… ;-)

Danny started his entrepreneurial path pretty early – he likes to joke that he has been an entrepreneur for *longer* than his entire adult life, since he quit school when he was fifteen to start his first business, and has been doing it ever since. The road hasn’t always been easy, but despite the failures and discouraging setbacks, he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

He started Firepole Marketing as a one man show (with help from one woman), and first started getting noticed in the online marketing world for his prolific guest posting (80+ guest posts in 2011, which earned him the title “The Freddy Krueger of Blogging) – which eventually became the inspiration of his critically acclaimed guest posting training, called Write Like Freddy.

Towards the end of that same year, Danny published his book Engagement from Scratch!, which he co-authored with 30 of the world’s leading authorities on engagement and audience-building, including Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark, Mitch Joel, and many others. Later that year, he co-authored How to Build a Blog (with Sean Platt).

In 2012, the following year, Danny released the Naked Marketing Manifesto – a 42-page free PDF document intended to untangle the marketing challenges facing small business owners and entrepreneurs. The manifesto quickly went viral, and became the foundation for a crowd-funded book project that is projected to be released in the summer of 2013.

In early 2013, Danny and the Firepole Marketing Team (which had grown to include Robyn and Amanda) launched the Audience Business Masterclass, and today they excitedly work with hundreds of eager and hard-working Audience Business builders.

Throughout, Danny has maintained a passionate commitment to learning and transparency, freely sharing lessons learned from great successesmajor challenges, and even from his personal life (including lessons learned from his wedding to the most wonderful woman in the world).

In addition to all of the above, Danny is a super-friendly guy who makes a point of responding to emails and messages within 24 hours – so follow him on Twitter@DannyInyGoogle+, or just send him an email and say hello!

Marisa Murgatroyd ~ Founder & Lead Web Strategist Live Your Message


marisa-murgatroydMarisa Murgatroyd is the founder of Live Your Message, where she shows entrepreneurs with a big message for the world how to build a leading brand and lucrative web presence.

At 4’11 and a quarter, she’s known as the shortest woman in marketing. But that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas. Her no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for leading-edge clients such as Don Crowther, Alexis Neely, Michelle Schubnel, Morgana Rae and Evan Marc Katz.

Today, Marisa’s purpose and passion lies in helping emerging entrepreneurs launch themselves online through her signature training programs: Message to Money, Hidden Story Power and Superhero Summits.

She has also produced dozens of large-scale, award-winning projects for clients like the Getty Museum, PBS, UCLA, and the State of California. Cumulatively, these projects have moved over 75,000 units and generated over $1M in sales, and won 30+ industry awards including two Tellys.

Marisa graduated from Brown with a BA in Semiotics (for the 99.9% of the population – including my parents – who doesn’t know what that means, it’s the study of cultural symbols and signs) and an MA in Communication Art and Design from the Royal College of Art in London. She and her husband Murray are currently “location-independent entrepreneurs” running their business from the road.


Greg & Fiona Scott ~ The Laptop Lifestyle Experts


greg and fiona scottWant to discover what Greg & Fiona know about the booming digital economy and why now is the time to cash in, escape the rat race, gain time freedom, and join the new rich?

Greg and Fiona specialize in helping people establish or enhance their online business and get comfortable with technology and marketing. Because leveraging the internet means you can work when you choose (meaning there’s no boss to answer to), and where you chose, because there’s no requirement to be physically present anywhere in particular.

They understand that people starting an online digital business need honest, expert guidance – soLaptop Lifestyle Hand Book wrote their best-selling, award winning book Living a Laptop Lifestyle, which is available on Amazon. They have loads of great endorsements for their book – in particular, Brian Tracy, says:

“This amazing book shows you how to quickly tap into the technology at your fingertips, increase your income, simplify your life, and achieve all your goals.”

Brian Tracy, Author of The Way To Wealth

Having had strong professional careers as a Project Manager and a Group Financial Controller, they translated those skills into building several successful digital businesses.

Life hasn’t been all plain sailing though. In their mid 40’s, they recognized a need to change direction, so combined their expertise and set up their own online business. They weathered the pitfalls, mastered marketing and technology and now have a significant online presence.

They’re both native New Zealanders, based in the UK (they’re accents are a bit different!), who possess a helpful dose of the typical Kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude.

Grateful to be living a laptop lifestyle, they earn a sustainable income online, working whenever, and wherever in the world, they choose – and can show you how you can do the same too.

Greg and Fiona are thrilled to contribute as an Entrepreneur Pitstop adviser by sharing their expertise with you. Their aim is to help you build a thriving lifestyle business and offer you an exclusive free video training series to help you get started.


KandeeG ~ CEO KandeeG



Kandee G is the founder of Kandee G Enterprises, Inc, the originator of The Vision Program and author of NOW BOARDING, Next Stop Your Remarkable Life. KGE specializes in developing sustainable long term visions to transform companies through organizational change from the inside out yielding extraordinary results. Les Brown, the world’s leading motivational speaker says that, “Kandee G has been gifted with the ability to help people and is recognized as being among the top in the industry.”  She is one of the most sought after trainers in thought transformation, collective visioning and creative leadership and is one of the early champions of shifting from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, which calls for corporations to encompass innovative and creative approaches to leadership

Kandee G has taught thousands of people The Vision Program which consistently produces extraordinary results by creating a foundation for high achievement and meaningful work. One of our CEO clients said, “Everyday that you’re not doing The Vision Program, I promise you, it’s costing money.”

Action drives results and Kandee G is passionate about teaching and modeling her proven principles for experiencing enduring success in a changing world. Her book, NOW BOARDING, Next Stop Your Remarkable Life, illustrates how an incredible life is available to all of us and provides tools for discovering the road map to personal prosperity. Her “peanut butter” to “private jet” story has become the hallmark of her accomplishments as she shares her own personal triumph from poverty to privilege.

Kandee G’s Nothing But Good News Radio Show along with the Nothing But Good News Magazine delivers messages for experiencing abundance and happiness. The insights that are gleaned from successful entrepreneurs and change makers provides a foundation for thought transformation and personal inspiration. Kandee G’s background includes training with such notables as Jim Collins, Candace Pert, Deepak Chopra, Steven Covey, Joel Osteen, Marianne Williamson, David Deida, Lynne McTaggart, T. Harv Eker and Verne Harnish.

Recognized as one of Broward County’s 100 Most Outstanding Women, Kandee G has become a pillar in the south Florida annals and a recipient of the 2008 Conscious Business Award. As a top speaker working with Les Brown, Kandee G has also shared the stage with Marci Schimoff, Ken Varga, Mark Victor Hanson, Jill Dahne, Dr. Stan Breakthrough Harris, Ridgely Goldsborough, Mike Dooly and Linda Forsythe. Kandee G has been featured in Time Magazine, Dateline, Balance Magazine, Global Woman Magazine, Smart Business, Mentors Magazine, Sharing Ideas, The Success Training Network, Headline News, Comcast Newsmaker and the Anything But Ordinary Documentary. She is a faculty member of Success University and is praised by her peers as an outstanding role model and mentor.


Ryan Healy ~ The Most Referred Direct Response Copywriter on the Internet 



Since 2002, he’s worked with 150+ clients, including Alex Mandossian, Terry Dean, and Pulte Homes.

What’s more, Ryan has written hundreds of sales letters, crafted thousands of emails, and discovered what really works to bring in new customers and bigger profits.

Because he helps business owners get better results from their advertising, he focuses his creative efforts on writing online sales letters, email messages, direct mail letters, product launch copy, and space ads for newspapers and magazines.

Ryan is the co-author of the book Million-Dollar Marketing Secrets, and frequently publishes articles about how to write sales copy and advertisements on his blog, and on hundreds of web sites on the Internet.

In fact, Ryan has published multiple articles on Michel Fortin’s blog; been referenced multiple times on Terry Dean’s blog and in his print newsletter; has been published in Feed Front magazine; and is a regular contributor on, the BoostCTR blog, and Charlie Cook’s Marketing for Success blog.

Dr. Larry Pate ~ CEO Bridging People’s Consulting 



Dr Pate is CEO of Bridging Peoples Consulting and has started six companies of his own and consulted on the start-ups of more than 200 hundred others in 69 countries.  He was written over 100 business plans including the financial pro-formas and strategic planning for those companies.  He is an expert in business planning who is also a friendly and personable life coach for his clients.

Dr. Pate has four postgraduate degrees, including a doctorate in International Studies and an MBA (Regis University-highest honors).  He has authored three books and over 100 published articles in up to eight languages each.  Yet his “down to earth” practical understanding of “how things work” and “what to do next” demonstrate how experienced he is in the real world of business and life skills.

Jim McKie ~ Founder eMarketing Innovations Group



Jim McKie is the Founder of eMarketing and has provided consulting for diversified industries from corporate America, to serving the needs of others in the world of nonprofits. While working with nonprofits, Jim consulted to State and National Government officials throughout the United States and Latin America to address the diverse needs of at risk youth and spoke with Ronald Reagan.

Jim produced and hosted “Family Matters”, a weekly radio talk show that delved into family dynamics and relationships. He was also actively involved in the development of corporate promotional and training videos.

Princeton specializes in the acquisition of income producing assets for their private investment partners. With well coordinated financial planning and strategic project selection Princeton has been able to strengthen the retirement and income needs of its partners..

Elliot Reiff ~ COO & CFO The Venture Alliance & Managing Partner TVA Capital



Mr. Reiff has over 30 years of finance, investment banking and senior management experience.  For the past seven years he has provided structuring, consultation and analytical services to  clients of The Venture Alliance and serves both as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  The Venture Alliance partnered with Forbes Magazine in the October, 5 2009 publication of a list of 20 of America’s Most Promising Companies.
Mr. Reiff was the Managing Partner of TVA Capital and led its creation and licensing on Sept. 1, 2005 as a FINRA registered Broker Dealer investment bank providing advisory services and access to the capital markets.  At TVA Capital, Mr. Reiff, represented early stage companies seeking equity, debt and bridge capital through private placements into the accredited investor and institutional markets.

Previously Mr. Reiff held executive level positions for 12 years at Geneva Companies, the nation’s leading provider of M&A services to middle market privately owned businesses.  Over that period he served as COO and CFO and managed the sales and telemarketing forces responsible for the origination of new evaluation and M&A clients.  During that period, Geneva averaged approximately 1,500 new clients per year.  Mr. Reiff also was Supervising Principal of Geneva’s Broker Dealer, supervising over 75 registered representatives executing over $1 billion of transactions annually in all industries throughout the U.S.  Geneva was acquired by the Smith Barney unit of Citigroup in February, 2001.

Prior to Geneva Mr. Reiff was a Vice President at D.H. Troob & Company, a boutique investment bank, providing investment banking, deal structuring, advisory and funding services to private corporations and limited partnerships as well as public entities.  He also held senior positions at the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agencies with responsibility for bond financing, multifamily loan underwriting, structuring of credit enhancement vehicles and restructurings of troubled projects.  Prior to graduate school, Mr. Reiff worked for two years at Esso Research and Engineering engaged in boiler maintenance and design.

Mr. Reiff received a Master’s of Regional Planning from the Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from City College New York.  He is a FINRA registered Series 7, 79, 63 and 24 General Securities Principal and a holds Series 27 Financial and Operations Principal license.

Edward Schneider ~ CEO Liberty Financial Management & The Debt Healers



Born and raised in Stamford Connecticut, and graduated from Boston University, with a B.S. in Business Administration Edward Schneider is a 30+ year veteran in the Debt Collection Industry and has learned all the tricks of the trade. But after seeing the industry becoming what it is today he decided it was time to switch gears and structure the business the way it used to be in the old days. “Helping Your Clients”. So Ed launched Liberty Financial Management and The Debt Healers so that he could be on the customers side again. Now Ed shares all the secrets and strategies that Debt Collection companies had closely guarded so that individuals can save thousands of dollars in debt collection fees that typical debt management companies charge and assists his clients in getting themselves out of debt. Through his company The Debt Healers, Ed now walks his clients through step by step exactly what they need to do to get out of debt quickly and to restore their lives.

As one of the Entrepreneur Pit Stop advisers ED teaches members how to manage their resources and change their thinking so they stay out of debt. For those entrepreneurs,  who for reasons beyond their control are still in debt, Ed reveals the DIY steps to get back on their feet and into the game quickly.

Barbara Stepp, CEO Excellence Quest International Training Institute


barb2Barbara Stepp is a legend in her own right. She has been an international Master Trainer who conducts various business/personal development seminars and has been doing corporate training for over 40 years. She does this through Excellence Quest Training International, of  which she is CEO. Barbara was awarded Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ and DHE® by Dr. Richard Bandler personally. She is also a Master Hypnotist with 40 years of experience and  a Premier Coach. She is the oldest NLP Master trainer in the world. She is also a guest trainer sponsored by other companies and institutes. Barbara also conducts OTCC™ & NFP™ Fun Shop, created by her life partner, Dr. Dave Dobson. Barbara is a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Patterns of Physical Transformation

Barbara specifically enjoys private sessions with clients, also mentors and trains trainers to set up their business and does mentoring and apprenticeships. A published author, her book and cd set, co-authored with Dr. Paul Varnas, focuses on mind/body health and is entitled, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Energy, But Were Too Tired To Ask. She is also creator of more  CDs, including Language Mastery and Simply Hypnosis. NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner.

Excellence Quest certifies in NLP™ and DHE™ courses through the Society of NLP™ and Dr. Richard Bandler (creator and developer of NLP™ and DHE™ ). Barb teaches Hypnosis workshops from her Simply Hypnosis™ to  Hypnosis OTCC™ Fun Shop and certifies hypnotists.

She was personal and professional partner of Dr. Dave Dobson, father and creator of Other Than Conscious Communication/No-Fault Psychology; is heir to his intellectual property and teaches his OTCC™ Fun Shop™ as he taught and prepared her to do.  Dave and Barbara’s hypnosis careers combined total 90 years.

Barb has had the privilege of co-training with Dr. Richard Bandler, creator of NLP™ and DHE™ and John La Valle, president of the Society of NLP™ over the years. She has also served as a support trainer for Richard Bandler in his many seminars for 20 years.

You will experience Barb’s seminars as specific, thorough, practical, fun, playful, outrageous and spiritual. To quote John La Valle,” Barbara is vivacious, determined, funny, and energetic. She is a trainer who will make you laugh and feel good about yourself, and will latch on to a problem and not stop until you solve it. She’s one of the few trainers we can refer to.” Dr. Bandler says, “There is none better.”


Adrienne Smith ~ Engagement Superstar & Owner of Build a Blog Community



After deciding to leave corporate America, Adrienne came online in March of 2007.  Not having an immediate vision as to the direction she wanted to go, she tested the waters in several different areas for a few years.

She founded her blog,, on June 19, 2009.  For the next year and a half her blog saw very little traffic and her posts received no comments.  She decided it was time to step up her game in November of 2010. She signed up for a training program that would teach her how to build her business from the ground up.  She learned exactly what she needed in order to succeed in that area along with how to drive traffic to her blog.

What she didn’t learn though was how to keep them coming back for more, how to get them to leave meaningful comments and how to consistently achieve that week after week, month after month and year after year.  She figured out the missing pieces herself and started teaching this to her audience.

When Danny Iny released his “Engagement from Scratch” book in 2011 he held a contest on his blog searching for the most engaging person online.  A blogging friend entered Adrienne into the contest without her knowledge and she won the coveted title of “Engagement Superstar”.  She’s been carrying it proudly ever since.

She’s built some wonderful relationships with her readers, some great relationships with influencers and authorities in her field, she’s built up a very engaging subscriber list, a successful consulting business and in November of 2014 released her course “How to Build a Blog Community”.  Everything she has learned how to do to make her blog a success since January of 2011 is mapped out in her course step-by-step.

Adrienne is genuine, kind, caring and just plain nice.  She’s the kind of person you want to meet and get to know. She’s also eager to help or just offer some advice.  Because she never had that when she was starting out she wants to be that person should you have a question, problem or concern.  Most of all though, she’s excited and motivated to see you succeed.

She is an open book, she responds to all comments, emails and messages promptly and will even give you a call to say hello if you opt into her list. And now she is our Blogging expert in the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop?


Ginnie Waters ~ CEO of Video Web Productions,



Ginnie has over 20 years experience working in the media. Her eclectic background includes working as a producer, videographer, writer, interviewer, and consultant.

Using her expertise in production and marketing, she works with both agencies and individuals to write scripts and host/produce videos. Her services include content and copywriting, scriptwriting, shooting video, editing, voice-overs, and talent.

Her work includes producing VNR’s for clients such as Joint Juice, scriptwriting for a Sears video with Ty Pennington, video product reviews, radio ads, and jingles. She effortlessly comes up with concepts and taglines.

She is an accomplished writer who has written copy for clients including Marriott, Lowe’s, Chrysler, AT&T, The Navy, etc. She writes print ads, jingles, and radio ads. Her articles have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines.

Her background includes writing/producing for TechTV, The Food Network, and several local TV stations. She has worked as a writer for Schulberg Media, an infomercial company (Tempur-pedic, Connie Selleca, etc.).

Ginnie is also an award-winning interviewer who has hosted numerous radio talk shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has interviewed thousands of celebrities, personalities and experts from Jay Leno to Julia Child.

She also developed an Internet radio show for AOL Digital Cities and reported on Leo LaPorte’s radio show. She also produced the first Interactive New Media Exhibit at The Mill Valley Film Festival in 1996.

Ginnie’s attitude about work is to have fun, be flexible, and make everyone look good. She’s a one-woman band whose creativity flows in everything she does including playing and composing music.

Kris Gilbertson ~ Founder,



Kris Gilbertson is the Host of the LifeStyle Entrepreneur Podcast, Author of Podcasting for Profit, Positioning, and Promotion, and creator of the Podcasting Pro System.

She is the #1 Leading Women expert in the world, on how to partner with iTunes to create your own world class podcast. She has worked with some of the biggest names in marketing today, such as Sean Malarkey, Wendy Stevens, Susan Harrow to name a few, to help them craft and launch their own world class podcast for their business.

Her clients praise their podcast enables them to reach their ideal customer, create a thriving tribe, generate sales for their business on auto-pilot, increase their traffic to their website from over 40%-5000% and do what they love by simply using the power of their voice.

Kris’ goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to play a higher role, serve a higher purpose and just plain have more fun in your business! Her passion, enthusiasm, and experience will inspire you to take your message global.

Kris has a unique formula in helping you find your unique message and assisting you in taking your brand to the world.

Her Keynote Topics Include:

• The Rise of the Podcast: How to Stand out in Your Marketplace
• How to Generate Leads, Traffic, Sales on Autopilot by Podcasting (Webinar)
• Women and Podcasting: How to Become the Celebrity of Your Niche

To unlock your businesses potential subscribe to The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop and let Kris reveal how to reach an untapped gold mine of new eager prospects and clients.

 The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop is building a powerful network of the best experts in every field that you need to succeed in today’s environment. From Internet Marketing, VC Capital, Manufacturing, Graphics & Design, and many more are all part of your dream team when you join the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop.