3 Keys to Prosper in 2016

2016 is hours away and many are preparing for the New Year by making plans to go to parties and they are thinking of their New Years resolutions and what they hope will happen for 2016.

So I’d like to offer you a challenge.

Allow me to challenge you to do something different this year than you have in previous years.

Take the time to read this article and follow 3 simple steps that could radically transform every area of your life.

My friend and mentor Jim Rohn used to tell me that the next year would be exactly like this year unless I changed one key aspect.

How I think.

He said that it was my thinking that produced my actions and my actions my results. If I did not like the results I had to change the thinking that produced them.

So what results did you have in every area of your life?

Are you happy with them? Be honest?

Could they be better?

Well if you answered yes here are 3 Keys you can use to prosper in every area of your life in 2016


1st Challenge Yourself to Become Better!

Well then let me challenge you to take a big huge step and work on your thinking.

Change how you think so you can change what you do.

Change how you think about spending money, how you spend your time and how you think about how to invest your spare time.

For example, if you spend your time watching TV at the end of the day ask yourself what is my thinking that is producing this result?

Then ask what if I changed my thinking to read a book on financial improvement, spiritual growth, or marriage enhancement?

Be careful here because as your reading this your thinking may have already creeped in and said “I don’t have the time to read this” or “Yeah this is another one of those self-help deals”…or “Yeah right I’m not going to read a boring book on finance.” or maybe even “I already know this stuff/”

This is the kind of thinking that is robbing you of the better life.

My thinking says Hey maybe I can refresh my memory and catch something I may have missed before. Different thinking different result right?

If you run a business ask yourself “What steps would help me double my income next year no matter what happens with the economy?” “What if I hired a coach this year instead of trying to do it all on my own?”

Maybe you’re tired of struggling and so you can look at your life and reflect on the thinking that produced the struggle. Then ask “What is the thinking I need to stop struggling.


2) Review Your Year!

At this time of year, I usually go through this process myself. I have a whole course I’ve designed called Strategic Freedom 2.0

In it there is a worksheet to guide you on how to reflect.

I also ask “If I were to put the whole year into a word or phrase to describe the year what would it be? 2015 was “The year of Release” as we finally felt the doors were open to run forward and launch new initiatives.

“What was the main lesson that was trying to get across to me?”

“What books, magazines, blog posts audios, videos, programs did I learn from?

“What was the biggest distractions and how can I overcome them this year?

“What better questions can I be asking myself right now?”

“What 6 or 7 projects would have the best outcome next year that I will focus on?”

“What skills would be the wisest use of my energy for the greatest return?”

“How does my thinking need to change to make the next quantum leap”

These, and a host of other questions have empowered me to experience unprecedented growth each year.

Like I mentioned I used to travel with my friend and mentor Jim Rohn and he always encouraged me to extrapolate everything I could from the previous year and invest it into the next year.

Then with all that wisdom I would then flesh out on the next years calendar all the initiatives that will be carried out with the lessons I’ve learned and develop a strategy to make sure they are carried out.

When I first did this our own coaching company went from $10,000 a month to $45,500 in one week.

So this is powerful stuff and should have been taught in schools from day.

If you have not done this yet it’s okay. You can do this even after the first.

I also encourage you as Jim did to do a Review, Plan, Do at the end of each week and month.

Review what you did, plan the action for the next week/month, go out and do it, then come back and review.


3) Turn Goals into Tangible Steps

So after your parties, when all get’s quiet, steal away for a couple of hours with your last years calendar and review the last year and begin to flesh out the New Year with tangible steps to make your resolutions a reality.

Instead of resolutions, map out in a strategy HOW exactly you are going to make this resolution a reality and when exactly you want to realize this goal.

Even go as far as to writing down the steps and what day you are specifically going to take that step.

If you need help then  get  my Strategic Freedom 2.0 Package and I’ll walk you through it.

If you are more serious then  hire me as your coach  and I’ll light a fire in your heart that will forever transform you into a massive achieving machine 🙂

But whatever you do determine in your heart that you will get on the path to real life and freedom and do whatever it takes to learn the skills to make every year better than the previous year and cry out for the truth that will transform your mind because it is the thinking and the following action that produced the results you have.

And if you really don’t like the results then go to the source and make the decision you are going to do whatever it takes to change the thinking.

Happy New Year!

With much love and encouragement;


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