The Value of Correction

Have you ever been told you were wrong or you had someone adamantly tell you that your idea was wrong or would not work? Maybe you own a business and have a vision of what you want to see happen and have an idea of what you think may work to realize that dream and then someone on your team or a spouse does not have a good feeling about it. Then rather than listening to them you argue your point without taking into consideration their possible insights.

Maybe you own a business and have a vision of what you want to see happen, and have an idea of what you think may work to make that dream a reality and then someone on your team, or a spouse, does not have a good feeling about it. Then rather than listening to them you argue your point without taking into consideration their possible insights.

Why is it so hard to receive correction?

In today’s video, I share some valuable insights on how to set yourself up so that you seek, desire and receive that much-needed insight that may make the difference between success and failure or life and death.

Make sure you share your experience with correction below as I’d love to hear how you handle it.

The Value of Correction


12 Days of Christmas

With the holidays now upon us and in the Spirit of the season we wanted to share some helpful tips and advice over the next 12 days from some of the experts that are a part of the Pit Stop beginning today Dec 26th till January the 6th Epiphany (The Original 12 Days of Christmas.)

It’s a holistic approach to creating a successful and fulfilling life and business.

We’ll share a short 15 to 30-minute videos with some helpful advice to make 2016 your best year yet and then give you a wonderful gift to make your dreams come true.

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So let’s get started….

On the 1st Day of Christmas The PitStop gave to me…

The Secret of My Future!

What is the secret of your future?

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine!
Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally.
Good habits are the key to all success.

If you want to have a more successful 2016 year, it’s important that you identify your bad habits and eliminate as many of those as you can and also to identify what new (good) habits you want to establish and to apply those to your life.

In general, you can only make a change to one or two habits at a time and be successful at it.

One of the best habits I found is going to bed early and getting up early. How you start your day and end your day makes a big difference.

I heard it said that each hour of sleep before midnight is equivalent to about three hours of sleep after midnight. While I don’t know that for sure, I do know from coaching people that when they go to bed earlier that they wake up earlier with more energy, more clarity, more focus, more enthusiasm, almost across the board.

I believe that as part of God’s creation that we’re designed to be in sync with creation. It used to be 100 years ago that people would go to bed shortly after sunset. People would come inside. They’d have a dinner together, maybe read or talk to one another, and then they would go to bed early so that they could get up before the crack of dawn and maximize the use of the actual daylight. But now with electricity, we’ve gotten into all these funky sleep patterns and the times that we go to bed, and I don’t believe that’s healthy for us.

What do you do in the last half an hour or an hour before you go to bed?
What time do you get up in the morning and how do you start your day?

For me, I like to get up around 5 o’clock in the morning, and I have built-in God alarm clock in our home. We call it Maui, our chocolate lab, and she seems to always get me up at the right time, and I love how she wakes me up. It’s a lot better than a noisy alarm going off.

After I feed her and let her outside, then I take communion and I go to my sacred place for my sacred time and spend some time communing with God. Then ideally I like to exercise just to start my day doing something to take care of my body. Then, it’s great if I can eat breakfast or walk the dog. Once again, how you start your day has a big impact on how you finish the day.

It’s also valuable to write down your goals for the day because each six minutes of planning saves about an hour of implementation, so just taking that few minutes in the morning to plan out your day or a few minutes at night time to plan out your subsequent day will make a big difference.

Remember, the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

Merry Christmas!


On the second day of Christmas The Pit Stop Gave to me

The Gift of a Brighter Future!

Life lessons

  • Don’t quit!
  • There is a power much greater than you that supplies everything you need.
  • Trust God! Trust in something bigger than yourself.
  • Be your best NOW.
  • Grow where you are planted. Do your best here, now.


  • Read It Loud – Give the gift of a brighter future. Every child deserves a bright future. A mission centering around a simple message: “Take at least 10 minutes at the end of your day to read together
  • Cookie Kahuna


Wallace “Wally” Amos, Jr. (born July 1, 1936) is an American TV personality, entrepreneur and author from Tallahassee, Florida. He is the founder of the “Famous Amos” chocolate chip cookie brand. He also was the host of the adult reading program, Learn To Read. He later co-founded Uncle Wally’s muffins. He currently resides in Kailua, Hawaii, and also Long Island, New York, where he runs the Chip & Cookie gourmet cookie brand and stores.

Merry Christmas!


On the 3rd Day of Christmas, the Pit Stop gave to me

3 Keys To Strategy


Life lessons

  • Plan Your Future!
  • Your dreams don’t happen by accident.
  • Focus on what you really want to accomplish.
  • Reverse plan your goal from the end to the beginning
  • Strategize your future.


  • Coaching – If you want to learn how to build and grow an incredible life and business schedule an interview with Roger to see if you’re ready to take your life and business to the next level.
  • Strategic Freedom 2.0 – Your Ultimate or Abundant Lifestyle does not happen by accident. It takes careful planning, inspiration, accountability and much more. To ensure you make your dreams a reality sign up for Strategic Freedom 2.0 and watch your dreams come true in 2016


Born in Naples Italy and raised in the mountains of Lake Tahoe California I spent most of my days exploring the great outdoors and participating in all the varied winter & summer activities. I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early on and it has affected much of my life’s path. My life’s journey with all its pains, sorrows and joys opened my eyes to personal development and the importance of spiritual growth and birthed a vision to change the world by helping others discover their purpose, become free from that which enchains them from seeing their dream come to pass, and learning the skills to make their dream a reality.  That journey included working with and traveling with Jim Rohn, launching a Satellite TV Company in personal improvement and more than 20+ ventures. After a complete life crash, my path veered to eventually lead me to where I am today. It is now a tremendous honor to share that journey with you in hopes you can avoid the suffering & prosper sooner.

Merry Christmas!

On the fourth day of Christmas, the PitStop gave to me

Four Points of Peace


Many people feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Discover what peace really is and how to find more of it.

4 Points of Peace

  • Nothing broken
  • Nothing missing
  • Togetherness
  • Oneness


Biography of E.L. Graham

“Life is the seed of purpose. Pursue your purpose

E.L. is an author, speaker, and life coach. Over the course of 25 years E L Graham has studied both theology and philosophy.

He has worked with actors, writers, musicians, film and music producers in Los Angeles, California. Those who have applied E L’s philosophy and teachings have been on Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Rose, Steve Harvey and Jay Leno. In addition to the entertainment industry E L has worked with entrepreneurs and business professionals.

His mission is to provide you with the formulas and the keys to unlock your Dreams, Visions and Ideas the seeds of your wealth and success.

E L Graham exists to encourage, empower and educate his clients to obtain their wealth and success, by offering personal development services, through universal principles and spiritual laws. His focus is to give you the tools that hold the mark of reliability and excellence, wherein you will develop to achieve a better quality of life.

On the fifth day of Christmas, the PitStop gave to me

Unleash the Masterpiece

Personal stress, navigating work-life balance, learning to resolve conflicts, giving healthy and helpful leadership at home and at work, and really making a difference in people’s lives are tough things to do, especially when all the needs are there all the time.

Quite frankly, most of us struggle. That’s okay. It’s part of the wonder and majesty of life—living with and overcoming the challenges. The good news is that there are skills we can master that can turn our obstacles into opportunities. Ron Jenson is a master at helping you do that.

Ron loves the idea of helping someone live a vital, healthy, dynamic, full, and abundant meaningful life, both professionally and personally. Those two are obviously very closely integrated. Most of the people that Ron coaches are successful professionally, but what they need help with is help on the personal side. We all need help with work-life balance and it’s constantly adjusting.

Authentic Success is not just… Power, Prosperity, Position, Pretige, and Pleasure.

At the end of your life, how will you know you have succeeded?
How will you measure it? What will your metrics be?

  • How did your kids turn out?
  • What kind of relationship did you have with your spouse?
  • Did you live a vital life mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually?
  • Did you have a positive impact on the lives of others?
  • Did you have a joyous life, a meaningful life?
  • Did you pass on value into other people’s lives?

What Authentic Success Is…

  • Being Complete – Succeeding in all vital areas of life!
  • Being a Contributor – Having significant impact!

“Most of us go to our grave with the music still in us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Start the Journey (Action step)
At the end of your life, how will know you have succeeded?
Write it out!
Include these areas – Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends, Finances, Firm, and Fun.



Ron Jenson is known as America’s Life Coach. He loves personal leadership effectiveness (self government and personal mastery). Ron keynotes conventions and trains leaders to coach others to maximize their personal and professional effectiveness, productivity and profitability. Ron speaks on topics related to leadership, character, and organizational excellence. He has been speaking publicly for more than 30 years and have keynoted more than 1000 events. He also has appeared on 5 continents and on numerous television and radio shows, including all three major networks.

On the Sixth day of Christmas, the PitStop gave to me

Six Productivity Habits

Productivity is one of the most underestimated skills because you only have 24 hours in your day so it’s all about how to prioritize your most important task in your business every single day so you kind of can skyrocket your business to its full potential.



Tor Refsland is a productivity expert from Norway and when he’s not playing with penguins or wrestling with polar bears, he helps one entrepreneurs skyrocket their productivity and earn more money in their business. He is the owner of and author of the eBook Insane Productivity Hacks.

On the 7th Day of Christmas The PitStop gave to me…

Seven Content Strategies!

Today’s world is filled with uncertainty as people are afraid of losing their jobs or worse yet are among the tens of millions who have given up searching for a job.

More than ever, people are realizing that the best alternative they have is to start a business.

For those who have taken that leap they are finding it harder than ever to find an audience and build momentum so that they can turn their dreams into realities.

Every business owner learns at some point really quick they have to market and sell if they are going to make it.

Perhaps you are new business or you started your business within the last few years and you realize that marketing isn’t as easy as you thought.


The number reason people reason people leave your website immediately or don’t follow your social media (let alone engage with you) is because of a lack of a message that appeals to them.

Your message is your brand and your brand is your message!

Yet, most businesses ignore their “message” and brand and focus on developing online digital strategies that attempt to do nothing more than sell or talk about themselves because many business owners don’t understand messaging and how the internet works for business.

Long gone are the days of just posting and they will come.

Don Purdum helps businesses learn what business they are “really” in by helping them develop their message and brand through a unique system that I have learned over the last 10 years of failing and succeeding in seven businesses.


Biography for Don Purdum

Don Purdum is the owner and founder of Unveil the Web. He is an avid blogger, video creator and author. He is an enlisted veteran of the U.S. Navy and a Chaplain in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

He recently wrote a book titled “The Shift – The Fast Paced Transition from Mass Marketing to Context Marketing – Learn how to resonate with and inspire those who are ready to buy from you”

Don has been an entrepreneur since 2004 and he has owned several businesses during that time ranging from a community website, online newspaper, a web development and design company with hundreds of clients, and an online networking company.

He is a sought after Strategic Marketing Coach and Consultant, Blogger and Speaker.

Don loves the New England Patriots, military aviation photography and he enjoys spending time with his wife of 21 years, their two boys and two precious Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s.


On the 8th Day of Christmas The PitStop gave to me…

Eight Essential Elements!

It’s the obstacles, challenges and unexpected opportunities that truly lead you to discover your higher calling. For Debbie Lynn Grace, the road to her purpose felt like an unconventional route and path she had never envisioned for herself. Now each step on her path makes perfect sense and she feels truly blessed to show people worldwide how to live an aligned life of purpose, love, passion, creativity and prosperity.


Biography for Debbie-Lynn Grace

Debbie started her professional career in the direct marketing industry in the early 80’s where she was an Account Supervisor overseeing multi-million dollar direct mail campaigns for clients such as Citibank, Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo Bank. In 1991 she became Vice President of Marketing for a 4.5 billion dollar Financial Institution in Chicago.

The corporate environment was never Debbie’s great joy. She yearned to be on her own and the creator of her own path. She left the bank and in 1994 moved to St. Louis to start her own marketing consulting business, Source Communications.

A few months after starting her fledgling business, Debbie went through a painful divorce. Desperate to heal her emotional pain, Debbie turned to her old sister, Lisa for support and guidance. Lisa was a very gifted healer and energy worker. Lisa gave Debbie prophetic advice that would forever change Debbie’s life and unknowingly put her on the path of her true soul’s purpose.


On the 9th Day of Christmas My True Love gave to me…

Living in His Presence!

Many people in the world are hurting because they have bought into a way of life that does not produce lasting peace, joy, and fulfillment. Most of those in religious circles are not setting people free to truly understand the real joy of what it means to walk with GOD. It is possible to experience such love, peace and, joy that you want nothing else in life but GOD.

In this message, Pastor Lu shares some beautiful insights that will revive your heart and passion for the spiritual part of your life and put a new fresh hunger in you for wanting to run to and have GOD instead of running away from HIM. You will truly be blessed by this message. For more information go to A Dwelling Place.

Life lessons (Joseph’s notes)

  • Run after God!
  • God’s desire is always to bring us back to Him. (Isaiah 30:15)
  • It’s one thing to have a heart for God and another thing to know God’s heart.
  • We are the temple.
  • Everything God does He does to bring us back to Him so we can learn to live in His presence.
  • When sin is in our lives, we run from God.
  • God’s judgment is for redemptive purposes.
  • If you can’t live your everyday life with Biblical standards, how are you going to live in Heaven?
  • There is no natural light in the Holy of holies.
  • God is not a religion. He is a person.
  • The presence of God is the central fact of Christianity.

Isaiah 30:15 – For thus says the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

Action steps

Take an inventory before the year really get’s under way and spend time before the LORD. Ask the LORD what you did wrong and ask for His forgiveness. Then determine in your heart to correct those things and Tell Him, “I will love You more, I will obey you more, I will follow You more, no matter what anyone else says.”

  • How much of God do you want? It’s up to each person. The more of God you want, the less of you, you will have.
  • Let yourself die and your ways die!
  • If you have all of God, you have everything.


Biography for Pastor Lu Luthra

Lu Luthra was born in India and raised in a devout Sikh family. In 1991, he experienced a dramatic transformation after inviting Jesus Christ to be is Lord and Saviour. Since that day, Lou’s life has never been the same. Lou and his wife felt God’s strong call in their lives and they dedicated themselves to study and meditate on His Word. They sought His guidance and soon the Lord spoke to their hearts. God gave them directions to go in full-time ministry – and preach the Gospel. This was in the year 1991. The Lord has blessed them with three children and now they serve the Lord full time in US, pastor a Church as well as travel to other parts of globe to share the Good News. They have also opened a Bible college, in order to train people for God’s ministry. They are thankful to the Holy Spirit for constant guidance at every step.

If you sense a leading to come along side and help them bear the burden the LORD has placed on their heart, and would like learn how to become a VISION BEARER, then you can reach Lu at


On the 10th Day of Christmas The PitStop gave to me…

Ten Gems of Marketing!

The future is rapidly changing. You want to get ready now. Develop Income Insurance. Launch your own online business.

Learn How To Market Almost Any Product Online

Greg and Fiona Scott have worked with Six Figure Mentors (SFM) since it’s inception in 2010. During that time they have coached and mentored over 300 students to become online digital entrepreneurs. When you join Six Figure Mentors you will have access to a range of tools to help you in your daily business, as well as extensive internet marketing and sales training.

You can promote your own products using the SFM training, but if you don’t have your own products you can learn how to market SFM’s own products and services to earn money from selling high commission products..

10 Gems of Marketing:

[1] be authentic
[2] provide value
[3] build an email list
[4] use paid advertising – one traffic source
[5] target quality prospective customers – know your audience – who they are and where they hang out
[6] use other people’s products
[7] promote high ticket products for sale
[8] also have residual income products
[9] keep it simple and consistent
[10] get a mentor




Greg and Fiona Scott, are known online as The Laptop Lifestyle Experts. They are the authors of the double award-winning, best-selling book Living a Laptop Lifestyle.

Having harnessed the power of the internet in 2009 to replace their comfortable corporate salaries, they chose to help and inspire people like themselves, to create their own lifestyle of design by leveraging the internet.

Since the end of 2012 they’ve mentored and motivated over a thousand people, of all ages and from all corners of the globe, to build and scale up their own online businesses, to live life on their terms.

Their personal mission is to re-educate 1,000 laptop lifestylers (our words) to:
=> earn a sustainable online income
=> answer to nobody else
=> holiday when you want
=> work how long you want, and
=> be present with your family and loved ones


On the 12th Day of Christmas The PitStop gave to me…

Twelve Steps to a Delightful 2016!


Biography for Barbara Stepp

Barbara Stepp’s purpose in life is to make a loving and powerful difference and inspire people all over this world to live their dreams. Her goal is to share her knowledge and experience in the Personal Development field. As an international Master Trainer. Barbara conducts various business/personal development seminars and has been doing corporate training for over 40 years. She is a premier coach and consultant.

She does this through Excellence Quest Training International, of which she is CEO. Barbara was awarded Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ and DHE® by Dr. Richard Bandler personally.

Interview of Dave Dobson



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The Biggest Mistake Most Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Make

“The Way we see the problem IS the problem” ~ Stephen Covey

We can't solve problems by using the same

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make it and everything they touch turns to gold and others seems to fail or barely make it financially in pursuing their dreams?

I know I have.

But something magical happened more that 20 years ago that changed everything for me.

Let me explain this way…

Picture this for a moment.

Imagine what it would be like to be an Investor who wanted to purchase a football team with the hopes of making it into the Super Bowl.

What do you think would be the most important thing to invest in besides the players themselves?Coaching_002




Athletic Trainers?

Sports Doctors?

Would any of those people help you to win the Super Bowl?

My guess is that you would say no it would be The Coach!

Correct? Of course you would!

One of the most costly mistakes I made at the beginning of my entrepreneurial endeavors that significantly delayed my own success and The Biggest Mistake Most Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Make is  going about trying to do things without help.

I was creating so many problems for myself.

It wasn’t until I read the quote above by Albert Einstein that things began to click for me.

And it is the same mistake I see business owners, entrepreneurs, and those wanting to be more successful in life and business make all the time. It’s the thinking that says “I can reach my goals on my own.”

We seem to take great pride in the fact that we are a DIY nation.

But the truth of the matter, if we will look honestly, is that there is absolutely nothing we have achieved without the help of someone else.

Be it learning to walk. It was our parents who encouraged us and helped us back up when we fell down.

Or when we began going to school our teachers and our parents helped us when we did not understand or got frustrated and wanted to throw in the towel.

No matter what it has been the help of people who came along and helped us up, gave us insight, taught us what we needed to learn, encouraged us.

No One is an IslandUnto Themselves

The phrase “No man is an Island unto Himself” rings truer today than ever before as countless people are entering the business world looking to start businesses and change their financial situations. But they are making costly mistakes by not bringing on the expert guidance they need from a seasoned veteran in the industry.

Like myself I certainly did not want to fail, but as I shared with the Stephen Covey quote above “The Way we see the problem IS the problem” I could not see what I was doing wrong because my own thinking of how I saw the problem.

And what I thought I needed to do to get out of the problem was the same kind of thinking I was using to get into the problem in the first place.

It was not until someone came along with their brochure in the mail did the light finally click on.

She was my first coach.

I’ll never forget her.

She was both brilliant and beautiful.

Truthfully it was her physical beauty that got my attention. But it was the wisdom and insight that she had and how she dealt with me that captivated me to work with her long term.

One of the valuable skills I learned was that I needed to have someone else’s perspective on the situation and someone to hold me accountable to the results I wanted.

But it had to be done in a compassionate loving way that would encourage me.

The first test came when she shared how much I had to invest to work with her.

Deep down you can probably relate…at the time I really did not have the money. I was also scared and wondered what if I invest the money and it does not pay off?

We all do this right?

It’s like a primordial fear or something.

Admit it you do it too right?

Why is it that we are trained to not trust people?

From the time we are born our parents want to protect us from the damage and hurt, they went through. And sometimes they were burned. But the way they share it seems to create this image in our mind to run away.

So here I was faced with a beautiful stranger.

Would I run or would I take the leap and invest?

But she said another thing.

She basically helped me to see that to get to the next level of life I wanted, I had to elevate my thinking. I had to actually Think Differently than I was at my current level. To do that I would need help.

So I took a deep breath and said “Okay”

That was the next big step in my own personal growth.

I had invested in Tony Robbins seminars, began reading personal improvement books but never had I taken a step like this one. But it was the step that took me out of my comfort zone. Much like the still animation movie “A Way of Being” I was afraid to let go of my comfort zone.


But this single act expanded my life circle and helped me to go onto making my own successful coaching business. It was the smack on the head when they say “Wow I could have had a V8”

That’s when it hit me. “Wow, I could get farther, faster and higher with the help of a coach. I thought “Why didn’t I see this sooner?”

Since then I had one of the start-up founders of Direct TV be my coach for a period of time, Omar Periu became both a coach and a friend. Larry Thompson, the legendary motivator and secondary heartbeat of Herbalife helped me, and of course, as many know, my mentor Jim Rohn helped guide my thinking for years before he passed away.

Each one of them, including my parents, all contributed to my success and those who I had to pay hard earned dollars for propelled me even further because I did not want the investment to go to waste.

Over the years, I learned the value both personally and in coaching others. I’ve watched my own income go up as a result, my business grow and the ROI of my clients businesses grow to far exceed the investments we had made.

But are you still not convinced?

Well, check this out…

A study by The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations found over an 18-month study that concluded in 2007 stated:


From my own experience, both personally and those I have had the honor and privilege to advise coaching is by far the best investment you can make in yourself and shorten the path of success much faster.

And as you can see from the study… it can help you earn more income from taking that step of faith.

So imagine if you will that you want to become an Olympian skater, or a professional dancer, or world class tennis player.

Hiring a coach makes sense doesn’t it?

Of course it does.

Take Away: What I Learned

Well, this is my advice to you.

1) Your life is way more important that going to the Olympics and winning Wimbledon. So take a step of faith and get a coach to help shorten your learning curve.

It can be for growing spiritually, having a better marriage or learning how to get your business on the internet correctly using internet marketing, and even improving your overall health and financial situation.

Get an advisor a coach that you can work with well.

2) Another key my mentors and coaches taught me over the years when it came down to money. I used to think. “Gosh I can’t afford that,” and as Larry Thompson said one day “Your Right” It took me a minute to compute but eventually I saw it. Whatever I told myself was the truth I would manifest.

So they eventually taught me to ask my brain. “How can I afford this?” That opened up my mind to new possibilities. It caused me to think. “How can I do this?”

Never ever let money be your god. It makes a horrible god and if you are saying well I don’t have the money, you are then allowing money to be the controlling factor or your god.

3) This brings me to a major key here that I must hit home is from another point my mentors and coaches taught me.

“The income you make is in direct proportion to the number of people you are helping and the value you bring to them.”

You are either providing a modest value helping a lot of people for a little bit, or you’re providing a huge value for a select few people that returns huge dividends.

Frank Kern, for example, earns $14,000 for a three days workshop per person from a few people, and recently $700,000+ from one client.

While others earn say $60,000 – $100,000 a year flying people all over the world in metal airplane tubes.

So if you want to earn more money you must increase your value and help more people, and the best way to do that is through the right kind of coaching.

Now here is where I encourage you to take a step of faith and try coaching for yourself.

There are many great coaches out there. And finding the right one is going to be key.

If you don’t have one then feel free to fill out my questionnaire and let’s see if we would be a good fit for one another. You’ll gain some valuable insights about yourself as well as begin to see the thinking that may be keeping you in the rut you are currently at.
Just go to

If you already have a coach it’s okay to have more than one. NFL football players have Financial Coaches, Health Coaches, and their primary Players coach.

If you have a coach take the questionnaire and let’s break bread together anyway as you will gain some tremendous insights.

Remember The Biggest Mistake Most Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Make is failing to get the right help they need.

Learn from my mistakes and get help.

Until we met in person allow me to sign off by saying

Upward & Onward and Remember to Always Fly Right!

Roger Gauthier is CEO of Tri-Vision Global, Inc. and creator of the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop, an online resource center to help individuals become outstanding entrepreneurs that impact the community around them to make for a better world. He’s advised clients on how to follow their hearts for the last 20 years so they can thrive personally & in their businesses.


The Biggest Mistake Most Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Make

Biggest Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Nutrition & How it Effects Business (Part 1)

What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Nutrition & How it Effects Business (Part 1)

The Problem.

Business is tough on the body, there is no doubt about it. From long stressful hours working hard wearing multiple hats, to sleepless nights, meals on the go or not at all.

Then there are the emotions on overdrive, the stress & worry when products are not launched when they should be to not making the money you thought.

Oh yes and let’s not forget those multiple cups of java to keep you pumped and alert. They too stress the body and deplete it of vital nutrients.

But staying at this pace for too long will begin rapidly depleting major micro-nutrients.

The Question

So the question is…what is one to do to stay in top peak condition? Well, we certainly don’t have the time to train for a marathon if we are looking to build an empire right?

My experience:

How do I know?

Well for the last 25 years much of my entrepreneurial business experience was in the health and fitness industry. My passion was to help individuals realize their full physical and life potential. I had some great mentors in my life that really trained me well. However; I over-stepped my limits.

In 2005, I began burning the candle at both ends as you may have discovered in my Post Dark Night Of Love. I was trying to build 5 companies at the same time, sleeping maybe 3 hours a day or more like 48-hour sprints, skipped meals, and almost no down time.

The net result.

A near-fatal meltdown.

The Symptoms:

You’ll first begin to notice an increase in stress followed by unclear thinking which causes you to make poor decisions which leads to poor results and lower income.

This cycle then repeats itself with more stress, even more unclear thinking and on and on in a downward spiral until you have a mini or complete background

The old adage declares “If you don’t feel well you simply won’t do well.”

But many entrepreneurs make a fatal mistake that costs them dearly. Many use methods that were popularized for body builders and media moguls to sell magazines and fitness memberships to gyms.

And of course, nutrition franchises like GNC and others helped feed the craze by selling so-called nutrition to in order to also capitalize on the gold mine. Their nutrition is laced with inorganic or synthetic materials. And it’s a one size fits all mentality.

The truth is however that people are unique and so should their nutrition and fitness routines be. If you take a 1 size fits all approach it really serves no one but the corporate giants.

The solution.

So what is the solution?

Well, it is two-fold.

First, one begins with nutrition that can be both customized for the individual and nutrition that can be absorbed by their body. For absorption to occur you need an all natural organic source, not the synthetic types that the franchise world markets.

Now because everyone’s body is different, such as medical conditions, medications, lifestyle, geography, age, height, and weight etc. That means that someone who lives in sunny Florida requires less vitamin D than say someone who lives in Snowy Montana. But if you go the nutrition store you get the same vitamin D that is sold in every other franchise.

After 25 years in the fitness industry and 15 years in search if the perfect solution, I was finally led to the exact thing I was looking for. An all natural, organic, GMO Free, Casein free, dairy and MSG free, customized nutrition program that offers individuals the exact nutrition their body needs.


By using a FREE 25 question HIPPA compliant assessment questionnaire that takes into consideration more than 7 different parameters. Things like medication, location, lifestyle, exercise, eating habits, current health conditions, age, height, weight and more.

And what it produces, with its algorithm that includes 7,000 of the most advanced research periodicals  is the exact quantities and amounts for your body in both the morning and evening.

You can see it here for yourself

It will send you a complete, customized nutrition for both morning and evening.

They have a comprehensive selection of health products from Protein powders and appetite control to hydration and energy products. Everything is all natural and organic, sweetened naturally with Stevia.


My recommendation is to  give it a go for 90 days. It is priced very reasonably. To go out and locate the exact quantities and amounts would cost you a significant amount and your first born.

For those interested in earning additional income they have a fantastic compensation program.

Good nutrition is going to be key in increasing mental clarity, reducing stress and improving mental and physical performance. To neglect it, is certain and eventual suicide. If you care about your vision, your family,and the future, then you’ll want to make sure your nutritional health is part of your routine as well as your physical health which we’ll discuss in Part 2, What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Working Out That Shatters the Myths Sold to Them From the Media.

So stay tuned for Part 2 when we share an amazing 7 min workout that leaves you feeling like you exercised for 4 hours.

Upward & Onward

Roger G