Realize Your Dream in 2017

As we draw to a close on this year and enjoy the holiday season it’s tradition to begin focusing on the year to come and what we hope to accomplish or change in the New Year.

But for many the hopes are quickly dashed or those resolutions pass in the night like a lonely car in the night on one of those deep Montana Roads.


I’d like to share 7 suggestions that I have used religiously to make the last days more meaningful and the New Year something to look forward to because too many can find themselves frustrated with their hope deferred and depressed as they peer into the future.

1) Make Plans NOT Resolutions
Resolutions are fun and all during the New Years festivities and make for great conversation, but long after the champagne is gone and the music stops our level of commitment rapidly dies and by Feb many find themselves in the same grind of their lives if not worse off.
Plans can keep you going forward even if you did not reach them within the year. You can simply adjust your plans and keep pressing on.
As I teach in my Strategic Freedom 2.0 program is that it is better to design plans than it is Resolutions.


Because plans are concrete where resolutions are whimsical.

When you craft a well laid out plan, like many do for their vacations, the likely hood that you follow through and execute on those plans goes up more than 50 fold.
Plans are intentions set into stone if you will. They are no longer wishes but actual steps of ratified commitment placed into blueprints ready to be executed on.

2) Write your plans.
Write your plans down into a journal or 3 ring binder.

There is something powerful that happens when we write our desires down. BUT Something even more powerful happens when we take the time to actually come up with a strategy on how to reach those goals. When we flesh out a plan into small chunks that our minds can actually believe we can achieve.
If you do it right you can become like a child on Christmas morning as your future becomes believable.
So many people are discouraged and have lost their hope because they don’t truly believe they can have their dreams. Much of that is because the dream is so big they don’t know where to begin or even how to start. Writing your plans down will begin to solidify your desires and you’ll begin to see what you can do to achieve the goal/desire step by step.

3) Plan, Do, Review
When I traveled with Jim Rohn he taught me to plan the year, months, weeks and days and at the end of each, take time to review my activity…my do…and see what changes I needed to make to improve the results.
If I can get at least 10% better each year in all the areas of my life, then you can craft an incredible life.
Take time the last week of the year to review your year. What you did right. What you did wrong, what you could have done to do better. What you learned, what were your biggest lesson and blessings.

This will help you in what changes to implement for the year coming up.

4) Declare
Declare your plans to your peers. Share with them what your doing. It will compel you to follow through. I would show my peers what I was working on and ask if I could include them. Those that said yes would compel me to ensure I delivered and with excellence.

5) Accountability Partners
Having accountability is one of the best and hardest things we can do because we have not yet become the person we don’t want to let down. We have let ourselves down so many times that it becomes almost second nature. We resolve to loose weight and get back into shape and the next day we don’t even do the 10 push-ups we need to begin the process.

We promise ourselves to save money and pay off our bills and when the next paycheck comes we fail to employ the “Pay Yourself 1st” principle and instead of setting aside 10% into charity, 10% into savings, 10% into an income generator we end up paying our bills 1st, and take care of immediate needs with nothing left to save.
So we can’t trust ourselves. We need someone we respect to hold us accountable to our actions. To ensure we follow through.

This next year choose 1 to 3 people you respect that you would not want to let down and share with them your desire to work your plan this year better than last year and ask them to hold you accountable.

I had a client that needed help to follow through so we made an arrangement that if he did not follow through I would charge his card an extra $1,000 each day he did not accomplish his goal. He never missed a goal.

So come up with some creative ways to hold yourself accountable to your promises.

6) Do something different.
Often times we keep getting the same results because we don’t change what we do and we keep making the same kinds of decisions that produced the results we have already gotten.

To get better results you have to make better decisions and take better actions.

May times deciding to work with a coach is the best thing you can do to get the results your looking for. A coach can give you insights you could not get on your own. They can provide you with the fresh perspective you may have been lacking. Like looking at the world from 30,000 feet instead of 50 feet up.

7) Ask GOD for HIS Help and guidance.
Too often we go about our ways without seeking divine guidance. Then we wonder why our lives are a mess.

The book of antiquity reveals that if we delight ourselves in the LORD that HE gives us the desire of our hearts and that if we commit our plans to the LORD that HE would establish them.

It goes onto say that if we will seek the LORD that HE would give us the wisdom we need.
By asking the LORD for direction, and guidance you’re more certain to succeed at your plans.

If you like these ideas and want to actually go deeper and learn exactly what to do to finally realize your dream in 2017  then register  for my free online mini course called 28 Days to Freedom.

During this webinar you will learn:

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And so much more!

Just go to

I’d love to hear what you do each year to make the next better and some suggestions to turn prevent the same old things from happening over and over gain.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Value of Correction

Have you ever been told you were wrong or you had someone adamantly tell you that your idea was wrong or would not work? Maybe you own a business and have a vision of what you want to see happen and have an idea of what you think may work to realize that dream and then someone on your team or a spouse does not have a good feeling about it. Then rather than listening to them you argue your point without taking into consideration their possible insights.

Maybe you own a business and have a vision of what you want to see happen, and have an idea of what you think may work to make that dream a reality and then someone on your team, or a spouse, does not have a good feeling about it. Then rather than listening to them you argue your point without taking into consideration their possible insights.

Why is it so hard to receive correction?

In today’s video, I share some valuable insights on how to set yourself up so that you seek, desire and receive that much-needed insight that may make the difference between success and failure or life and death.

Make sure you share your experience with correction below as I’d love to hear how you handle it.

The Value of Correction


What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Entrepreneurship That Mainstream Media is Ignoring.

HAPPINESSWhat Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Entrepreneurship That Mainstream Media is Ignoring.

In The News, How Media Is Contributing!

Entrepreneurship has caught the buzz in the media and is gaining greater appeal in the public eye as shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, American Inventor and the new show, The Start Up Hour, has captured the attention of the masses.

There is an appeal to entrepreneurship, that is being promoted by our media, that the entrepreneurial lifestyle is glamorous and exciting.

We imagine the rewards of earning millions or billions, fancy cars, travel to exotic beaches and destinations by private Lear jet, parties, getting endless messages, sipping Pina-Colada’s, going to extravagant shows, rubbing shoulders with the elite, and so much more.

The song by Bob Marley comes to mind as he sings “Everything is going to be alright” or other songs about success and living the high life.


 A Deeper

While there are many who have certainly enjoyed those things there is a much deeper and certainly more fulfilling purpose to entrepreneurship.

But this post is only for those who are serious of tapping into their true purpose and calling that involves entrepreneurship.

It’s only for those who have the courage to face the truth and are willing to change direction to get in line with entrepreneurship’s true purpose, where fulfillment, contentment, peace and joy can ONLY be found.

You will only be able to get to the end of this post if you are truly hungry for the deeper meaning of life and business and are willing to seek it out with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

How do I know?

Because I’ve walked this path myself, with more than 30 endeavors of my own, and through that journey, I’ve experienced the pain and suffering as well as the joys. And the GOOD LORD above has allowed me to gain some insights that I’ve been allowed to be passed onto those who hunger for more than just the everyday message of what the current day world or media says success is.

So if you are teachable and ready keep reading…


The Roots of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship as challenging as this may be, was actually supposed to be a vehicle for advancing and incubating spiritual principles.

In it’s basic form entrepreneurship is about helping people.

One sees the suffering or needs of the people, the problem they are struggling with, and brings a divine idea/ fresh solution to meet those needs. Be they spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, physical, or financial.

Done correctly entrepreneurship also brings compassion, love, and caring for your fellow man.

In return for genuinely caring for the needs of others, those who were helped would compensate with barter, or some other form of exchange, usually the local currency.


Other Benefits

Entrepreneurship also provided meaningful jobs for others.

As the demand for the answer to the problems grew, then the business needed to scale to handle that demand.

Thus more people needed to come on board to help. Thereby providing a purpose driven outlet for people.

But if we dig a bit deeper and observe the spiritual aspects of entrepreneurship we can see the second and most important  Purpose. It’s true purpose.


The True Purpose of EntrepreneurshipFactsThe True Purpose of Entrepreneurship
is to Share The Truth and Love of GOD
with all those that the entrepreneur touches.

From vendors and suppliers, to bankers and families, to those in our communities and churches entrepreneurs in reality touch everyone.

Now before you bug out on me here, hang on for a few minutes.

Think about this for a moment.

Is not business or work more enjoyable when you work with people who care about you and your needs and you demonstrate the same compassion towards them?

And when you care deeply for your customers, and they say thank you for helping them solve their problem and their needs, don’t you feel better about your work?

Of course you do.

Mature entrepreneurs will testify that business is about relationships of trust.

And trust can only be formed when you are honest, caring, truthful, sacrificial and demonstrate your looking out for the individual.

So what other model do we see those traits carried out?


You see true Christianity was about accepting and receiving the gift of GOD and then DEMONSTRATING that same love of GOD to others.

Caring more about others than you do yourself. Giving of your time, money, emotion and wisdom to help someone else succeed or prosper in their endeavors above yourself.

It was about encouraging others, loving them, going the extra mile for them. Feeding, clothing, and helping them overcome their problems and challenges of life ( Mental, emotional, physical, relational,  and finance.)

To help solve their problems and ease their suffering by sharing the truth of what LOVE has done for them and the wisdom that LOVE brings to the planet earth to help them in their darkest hours.

Giving them strength and confidence.

Did we not do that in business in the days of old?

Of course we did.

When you did that genuinely, people in return would give back.

Of course not everyone, but most would.

Think when you helped heal someone by either giving them a health strategy solution, or help with dealing with their children, fixed a car, gave them a business software that made their business run better, or some other act of kindness.

Certainly goodwill was created and reciprocity was generated.

It was the same with the disciples as they went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the forces of darkness.

People in return would give them food, a place to sleep, or money.

As a matter of fact, the disciples saw and experienced so much love and power created from this way of life that they sacrificed their own lives to share it.

Many worked as entrepreneurs to raise money so they could provide not only for their needs but the needs of those they had a passion to share this love with.

Is that not successful business?

Even in the gospels we see Jesus sharing “I’m about my FATHERS business. He could have chosen a different word but He choose “business”


Loosing Our Focus

But along the way we lost something.

We focused more on numbers instead of lives. On profits and the bottom line… what we could get out of it, instead of how we could help people.

People became those we could market to. Locating our target market audience and selling to them so we could make more profit.

Now I am not saying that numbers and profits are not important. We should be good stewards of what we have.

But when we focus more on the numbers then we loose sight of what we really are in business for.

To take care of our fellow man.


Think about this…

When was the last time you saw an employee sacrifice for a business?

Not often right?

And when you do, it usually makes the evening news as an anomaly.

But what about the entrepreneur who takes care of their employees???

When an employer thought more about his employees and his customers, and went the extra mile to take care of them, their employees went the extra mile for them.

Look at St. Louis-based manufacturer Barry-Wehmiller. When it needed to save $10 million in labor costs during the height of the recession in 2009, it implemented a four-week unpaid furloughs for its roughly 7,000 employees instead of layoffs. The CEO’s pitch: Far better for all to “suffer a little than any of us should have to suffer a lot.” The move saved $20 million, and ultimately increased morale.

Or how about Next Jump, that has implemented a lifetime employment policy. Employees there essentially cannot be fired, and if performance issues arise, managers will help workers get training to improve.

Don’t you think that people will flock to want to be part of Berry-Wehmiller or Next Jump and their vision?

Of course they would right?


True Customer Service

And when you are a customer, don’t you like to buy from those that take care of you?CustomerService

Of course you do!

We must understand that when we love and care for others and demonstrate that loving kindness we reap huge rewards.

Christianity at it’s best is the highest quality of customer service you can get. It prays with you, guides you, encourages you, goes the extra mile to help you and is there for you at any hour.


Entrepreneurism & Price

But I can almost hear you thinking…”but getting the cheapest price is so important to you”…well…

Sure today many desire the lowest price but truthfully price is never the value to compete on or sustain long term business operations.

Think about this…if two vendors have the same price, does not the one who treats you better and cares more, win your business hands down?

Of course they do right?

You bet ya.

My wife can’t stand going to Walmart because their service is so poor. No one is around to help find stuff and when it comes time to check out they just seem like they don’t care.

And forget about having help getting the groceries in the car when she has three little ones to take care of.

She would rather spend a few extra dollars and go to Publixs to have them help her get the groceries into the car so she could get the children in.

And when you demand the cheapest price from those you buy you actually are hurting them and yourself in the long run because they no longer have the necessary profits to go the extra mile for you. They have to look for a way to sustain necessary profits to grow so they in turn cut expenses and employees.

Thus service is sacrificed as is safety and quality is lost.

So focusing on the numbers or price and expenses, gross profit margins etc., alone is not the answer to better and bigger business.

It’s looking for the best way to HELP your customer, while being wise with your resources, instead of “How can I MAKE MORE from my customer.”

If you take the true spiritual path in entrepreneurship, you will look for more ways you can SERVE & BLESS those who are entrusted to you. Because the moment you focus on Profits is the moment you begin to loose your joy and your passion.


Lessons of Boda Borg

bodaborgLet me share a quick story, then will wrap this up.

Recently I went to a place in Ireland called Boda Borg. It was an incredible experience for the whole family.

This team building adventure quest and challenge solving puzzle was by far the most fun we had.

They had two options. A 2 hour and an all day price. We figured since it was our first time, and we may not be ready for more time, we choose to pay for two hour option.

Amazingly we were having a blast. And of course the time flew by so fast. When our two hours were up the attendant saw we were having so much fun she let us stay longer without charging us. We actually stayed till closing and was the last family out.

They could have charged us the all day rate but her decision created so much goodwill that we have been promoting it to everyone we have talked to ever since.

That free advertising is worth more than the few extra dollars she would have made off of us.

She cared for us.

But in that genuine care for our fun, it will return multiples of the numbers the corporation wants to keep their eye on.


In Closing

So really entrepreneurship is truly about using your resources to help spread the love of GOD.

It is about bringing the heart, love and wisdom of GOD to answer the needs of the people.

When you focus  your entrepreneurship on that, you will find that you have more joy, fulfillment and the strength to endure when the challenges come.

You will discover a purpose with tremendous meaning and depth of life experience than just the shallow experience of providing for your own lifestyle.

Can you enjoy an occasional  adventure of your own?


But you will find so much more satisfaction and deep fulfillment in the giving of your life for entrepreneurship that demonstrates the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST, and that utilizes it’s profits to help build and advance the agenda of love and restoring of life to others.

When your proceeds go towards helping another human to focus on the right things and providing for their needs there is a deep satisfaction that money and lifestyle cannot match.

And when your life is done and you breath your last breath you will be met with a overwhelming love and peace that lasts for eternity because you worked your business with the right motives and purpose.


Let me close with an excerpt from the movie Schindler’s List.

It is a great movie that portrays the real purpose of Entrepreneurship.

In the closing scenes he breaks down weeping when he realizes he could have saved more lives if he had not spent his money on wasteful living.

It is a movie well worth watching to truly see the True Purpose of Entrepreneurship.

Take Away Lessons

What I LearnedTake Away #1
So if you are an entrepreneur, or one who desires to be, shift your focus on something greater than your material benefit or gain, or results that feed your ego or lifestyle.

Focus instead on seeing how you can share the LOVE of GOD to a hurting, dying, lost, confused, struggling world that is desperate for the solution or service that you have been graced with the insight to solve their problem.

Use your money to give to those in need or those on the front lines of sharing GOD’s love and message with those who are hurting.

Take Away #2
Seek to do business with your heart, for helping others, and the rewards will far outweigh anything material or lifestyle you could enjoy. Focus on helping others and the profits and the numbers will take care of themselves. You’ll always have an abundance left over to take care of your needs as well as any good work you feel passionate about giving to.

If you desire to learn more about GOD’s love and what HE desires to do for you, just listen to this quick podcast and let us pray for you.

You can also take this really quick survey to help you gain a perspective of where you stand spiritually speaking

Lastly if you want to learn how to integrate the spiritual life into your entrepreneurship, subscribe to our blog.

Until we meet again remember to always fly right!

Onward & Upward;

Roger G.

The Gurus of Indian Classical Dance & How It Relates to Business Success!

You never know where your greatest lessons may come from!

Over the New Years holiday I was traveling all over Asia and through a series of crazy circumstances I found myself in Singapore for 24 hours.

To make use of the time I decided to shoot the introduction video for our Entrepreneurs Pit Stop There was time to stroll around and appreciate the culture and the food so during one of my spirit led strolling sessions I found myself walking the underground walk way to the Esplanade Theater near the Marina Bay Sands Marina there in down town Singapore.


The Gurus

As I mosied down the walk way I was gazing at all the interesting performances that were coming to the theater when what caught my attention was this large mural display that was called “The Gurus of Indian Classical Dance”.

Guru's Wall Pictoral

The artist explained that most of the time artists and photographers focus on the 90 minute performance of beautiful dances with their pictures and commentaries but this murals the objective was to capture what goes on behind the scenes of a spectacular performance. Often the performance is only the last step in a grueling internship that can last months and in many cases years as guru (Teacher) invests their lives into teaching the Shishya (disciple).



PosesSo what can The Gurus of Indian Classical Dance teach us about business success and life?

Our culture here in the US and abroad has lost the art of apprenticeships. We think that we can just push someone through school and when they get done they expect they should be ready to be earning a six figure career.

Well many times the students feel that way but when life set’s in they are met with a stark reality that this is not the case. Our society also applauds the so called success stories that seemed to be overnight sensations. However 9 times out of 10 there are years of hands on preparation that go into shaping an individual to become the leader who shines during their so called 90 minute performance where they show up on the stage for all of us to admire.

The same thing happens with those trying to build a business on line. People mistakenly believe they can just have a friend throw up a website, toss up some PayPal buttons and bingo they are in business. Then they think the money will just role in and they’ll make millions in the next 12 months.

I can almost hear the subtle chuckle of those who have been online right now as they say “yea right!”

But there is so much to learn before a great business can be successfully launched and a home run can be hit. Those who wish to shortcut the necessary learning curve are hurting them selves and those they wish to help.

Here is why.


The Power of Devotion!

The MasterThe Gurus of Indian Classical Dance literally have a special relationship of piety, similar to that between a parent and child. Traditionally the Shishya or disciple is sent to live with their guru  so as they might learn devotion ( a word that is not common in our culture.) as the guru wants to impart their philosophy, their knowledge, their style, their personality, their energy and so much more. To train to become the best, among truly great Indian Classical dancers, cannot be done overnight nor quickly.

The tragedy of trying to “get rich quick” or even to “Get Rich” is you miss the most valuable lessons you need to make a true difference in your life and the lives of the people you will touch in the years to come. I personally think most “get rich” authors are both doing a disservice to humanity and taking advantage of people by tempting them with an idea that many have been hurt by.

Rather what we should be striving for is to develop into people who have enriched into their DNA, the character of love, honesty, integrity, a sincere desire to be concerned about the state of and to care for those around them, and the desire for excellence in all you do. To evolve and develop into higher beings who can help those around us avoid unnecessary suffering.

When we apply ourselves properly with the right motives, we become wealthy in ways significantly beyond wealth. But if you develop your financial skills with the motive of helping others, you will enjoy what money can do to help the world around you.

One of my mentors, Larry Thompson, said to me to work on your character before you work on your pocket book” Another mentor told me “Let not your talents and skills take you where your character cannot keep you.”


Strategic Philosophy

The TeacherNow I’m not saying that you need to go and find a guru and go and live with them.

Instead what I’m offering is a strategy rooted in a philosophy.

The strategy has a central key which is identified in a question my mentor always told me to ask. He said the question to ask is “What am I becoming?” Where you work ask yourself… “What am I becoming as a person working here?”

In my days at the airline I found myself becoming negative, complaining and gripping. I looked at myself and said “Is this what I want to become?” When I looked at how I was building my business and how I was getting stressed and being short with my children the thought occurred to me “What am I becoming here?, “Is this how I want to be?” The obvious answer was NO!

You Decide…

Wisdom Of The EldersSo let me suggest to you that you decide in advance what kind of person you want to be in character and habits before you begin your journey in life or business.

Then carefully pick those that you will allow to influence you and impart their life, energy, ideals and philosophy to you.

Get around gurus or teacher and leaders who you can clearly see have the personality and character you would like to have imparted to you.

Pick them carefully and learn the little nuances and style or love, patience, kindness. Let them mentor shape and mold you, to apprentice you if you will.

Don’t rush your success.

Take the tine to learn gentle customer service, compassionate leadership, benevolent financing, long-suffering & patience, sincere humility, business building, powerful communication skills, proper posture, a solid hand shake. The courage to look others in the eyes with love and humility, integrity based salesmanship or influence.

Do not rush the process.

Ever heard the slogan “We serve no wine before it’s time?”

Your being molded into a wine that will in your life time serve millions of people. You’ll touch thousands personally and then they will go and touch thousands and so on. The BIG Question is “What kind of wine are you becoming? Do you want to be a fine wine for kings and queens or a cheap mass marketed wine for the masses? Do you want to be a complaining wine that tastes like rotten vinegar or a smooth sweet port wine?


Stop & Smell The Roses!

Beautiful child smelling roseBegin your journey today by making the decision to stop rushing your life and letting technology and all the hype push you with the “Fear of loss”, or the lie that says “Do it now, you got to do this now!” Instead slow down and begin by looking at the images below and try to think of all the life that was invested in each human in the pictures. Think of the time they devoted, the suffering, the trials, the challenges at home, the broken toes or fingers they may have endured, the broken hearts and relationships over the course of their lives. All that went into making these great dancers.

Do you really want to rush the process and miss all the valuable lessons and life experience that will shape you and make you truly a book worth reading or do you want to just be the cheap trash novel that get’s thrown in the trash once it’s speed read?

The answer is obvious but let me share a quick thought here and leave you with a suggestion.


A Thought

My sense is that our culture is really driven by fear and much of our rushing about is due to a subconscious thought that time is going to run out on me? So we rush trying to get to some level before the clock runs out.

Those fears often appear like this:  “What if I don’t have enough for retirement?, “What if I can’t make enough money to survive?”,”What if I get a major life debilitating disease or injury and I can’t work?” “What if my significant other leaves me?” “What if I can’t afford to pay my bills?” and on and on and on.

It seems that this is the reason. A Fear of Death.


A Better Solution

The solution that seems to be presenting itself louder than ever in our world today is to pursue the Spiritual Path!

History has taught us repeatedly that the desire for material gain, recognition, acceptance and power only leads to further destruction and discontentment. It is only when one finally discovers that the road peace, contentment and joy in life comes from being on the Spiritual Path. From recognizing there in only one pursuit in life. So…

Open your heart and mind to a bigger truth and picture of life.

Open your heart to the fact that life really is a journey in which we learn the attributes of love, kindness, patience, peace, generosity, tenderness.

It’s not about what we can achieve or get or how big we become. It’s about learning love and giving love as defined in 1Corinthians 12. Love is patient, love is kind, love suffers long and does not pay attention to a suffered wrong…

But to begin that journey you have to open your heart to the greatest lover of all, GOD, and let the CREATOR pour HIS love for you into your own life.


Because we can’t really love if we lack it ourselves.

The kind of love we need takes super natural power to walk in, especially when the world is lashing out in anger and suffering as a result of the pain they are in.

When you can surrender your life to LOVE, you are filled with a peace and trust that a LOVING being will take care of you and simply wants to reveal to you the best pathway for your life.

You’ll discover that you fears subside and begin to enjoy the journey. You become an apprentice and eagerly embrace the process to become the kind of person that makes a true difference.

If you don’t know who to trust to come mentor you, then stop over at the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop.

We have a growing list a real leaders who have the kind of character that makes a positive difference in our world. Who have been proven and care about you and want to help you step into your real purpose and accomplish your destiny.

In the mean time, go out side, take a walk, slow down and just talk to GOD in your own way and invite HIM into your heart and life and then slow down and let the processes of life mold you into that fine wine, that novel worth reading.

And since you are here would love to hear your thoughts and experiences below as to the messages the spiritual world has spoken to your heart.

Until we can meet face to face remember to Always Fly Right!

Upward & Onward;


Beautiful Hands              What are these hands trying to say?







Elder Passion



Look at his passion after all these years. This is one of the oldest teaches still around today.





In The Class RoomImagine if those we trained in our work force had smiles of joy like these young girls.







The SoloThere is nothing like the one on one devotion of teacher to student. Sometimes we wonder if we could find a mentor who cared for us like this. What if instead you decided to be the Mentor like this tom some one in your life?






The TransferLook at the intensity of these young girls focus. What have they given up to sit here for years of there lives? What pains have they endured? What strained relationships, broken fingers, hurt ankles, lost loves?








A Dream come true!






Heartful Expressions           Such beauty!







Devotion of Learning


And they sit patiently for hours in devotion to the guru and the guru invests their very hearts, lives and energy day in and day out.





The CollectionAnother collage of images to ponder.

Frustrated With Your Business…Life?

Hey everyone!

So okay I know I have been very quiet lately and have not posted to the blog for like 8 months now… I think. But there really is a good reason.

Have you ever wondered why your business is not growing faster? Could you be doing something wrong? Maybe there is something you don’t know? Maybe you think you can’t focus or you are doing too many other things???

Well don’t throw in the towel yet. In today’s post I’m going to share a little insight that just might explain what’s really going on…

You see…We’ve been behind the scenes building and getting ready to launch a few new products. One for entrepreneurs called and the other one is called to help people over burdened with debt. The amount of work is enormous from setting up websites, creating membership portals, integrating e-commerce platforms, shooting video, being the spokes person….yeah you get it. We’ll for all intensive purposes some might wonder if we are building a company or not since there does not seem to be much activity on the blog…

Well today I thought I’d share a little encouragement for those of you still plugging away at your business and wondering what is going on and maybe why your not seeing the results you want. Well in this short little video, like I said, I share a way of understanding what may be going on.

Frustrated With Your Business Growth?


Read more