Realize Your Dream in 2017

As we draw to a close on this year and enjoy the holiday season it’s tradition to begin focusing on the year to come and what we hope to accomplish or change in the New Year.

But for many the hopes are quickly dashed or those resolutions pass in the night like a lonely car in the night on one of those deep Montana Roads.


I’d like to share 7 suggestions that I have used religiously to make the last days more meaningful and the New Year something to look forward to because too many can find themselves frustrated with their hope deferred and depressed as they peer into the future.

1) Make Plans NOT Resolutions
Resolutions are fun and all during the New Years festivities and make for great conversation, but long after the champagne is gone and the music stops our level of commitment rapidly dies and by Feb many find themselves in the same grind of their lives if not worse off.
Plans can keep you going forward even if you did not reach them within the year. You can simply adjust your plans and keep pressing on.
As I teach in my Strategic Freedom 2.0 program is that it is better to design plans than it is Resolutions.


Because plans are concrete where resolutions are whimsical.

When you craft a well laid out plan, like many do for their vacations, the likely hood that you follow through and execute on those plans goes up more than 50 fold.
Plans are intentions set into stone if you will. They are no longer wishes but actual steps of ratified commitment placed into blueprints ready to be executed on.

2) Write your plans.
Write your plans down into a journal or 3 ring binder.

There is something powerful that happens when we write our desires down. BUT Something even more powerful happens when we take the time to actually come up with a strategy on how to reach those goals. When we flesh out a plan into small chunks that our minds can actually believe we can achieve.
If you do it right you can become like a child on Christmas morning as your future becomes believable.
So many people are discouraged and have lost their hope because they don’t truly believe they can have their dreams. Much of that is because the dream is so big they don’t know where to begin or even how to start. Writing your plans down will begin to solidify your desires and you’ll begin to see what you can do to achieve the goal/desire step by step.

3) Plan, Do, Review
When I traveled with Jim Rohn he taught me to plan the year, months, weeks and days and at the end of each, take time to review my activity…my do…and see what changes I needed to make to improve the results.
If I can get at least 10% better each year in all the areas of my life, then you can craft an incredible life.
Take time the last week of the year to review your year. What you did right. What you did wrong, what you could have done to do better. What you learned, what were your biggest lesson and blessings.

This will help you in what changes to implement for the year coming up.

4) Declare
Declare your plans to your peers. Share with them what your doing. It will compel you to follow through. I would show my peers what I was working on and ask if I could include them. Those that said yes would compel me to ensure I delivered and with excellence.

5) Accountability Partners
Having accountability is one of the best and hardest things we can do because we have not yet become the person we don’t want to let down. We have let ourselves down so many times that it becomes almost second nature. We resolve to loose weight and get back into shape and the next day we don’t even do the 10 push-ups we need to begin the process.

We promise ourselves to save money and pay off our bills and when the next paycheck comes we fail to employ the “Pay Yourself 1st” principle and instead of setting aside 10% into charity, 10% into savings, 10% into an income generator we end up paying our bills 1st, and take care of immediate needs with nothing left to save.
So we can’t trust ourselves. We need someone we respect to hold us accountable to our actions. To ensure we follow through.

This next year choose 1 to 3 people you respect that you would not want to let down and share with them your desire to work your plan this year better than last year and ask them to hold you accountable.

I had a client that needed help to follow through so we made an arrangement that if he did not follow through I would charge his card an extra $1,000 each day he did not accomplish his goal. He never missed a goal.

So come up with some creative ways to hold yourself accountable to your promises.

6) Do something different.
Often times we keep getting the same results because we don’t change what we do and we keep making the same kinds of decisions that produced the results we have already gotten.

To get better results you have to make better decisions and take better actions.

May times deciding to work with a coach is the best thing you can do to get the results your looking for. A coach can give you insights you could not get on your own. They can provide you with the fresh perspective you may have been lacking. Like looking at the world from 30,000 feet instead of 50 feet up.

7) Ask GOD for HIS Help and guidance.
Too often we go about our ways without seeking divine guidance. Then we wonder why our lives are a mess.

The book of antiquity reveals that if we delight ourselves in the LORD that HE gives us the desire of our hearts and that if we commit our plans to the LORD that HE would establish them.

It goes onto say that if we will seek the LORD that HE would give us the wisdom we need.
By asking the LORD for direction, and guidance you’re more certain to succeed at your plans.

If you like these ideas and want to actually go deeper and learn exactly what to do to finally realize your dream in 2017  then register  for my free online mini course called 28 Days to Freedom.

During this webinar you will learn:

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And so much more!

Just go to

I’d love to hear what you do each year to make the next better and some suggestions to turn prevent the same old things from happening over and over gain.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Helping One Another!

How often have you heard it said that you should give and you will receive?

Well recently a good friend of mine, who has given of herself for years teaching a revolutionary breakthrough strategy for weight loss and reverse aging, has recently had a life challenge. Instead of receiving she has had many take from her.

They have taken her time, her money and her ideas. One of her ideas made 200 million dollars in 2003 alone and many hundreds of millions since, and before for the person who took it.

Strangely as networked as she is those who have money are not willing to pay her for her services. Instead they keep her hanging on by making promises and then never following through on them. So this little entrepreneur has decided to do something about it. If you have been helped or blessed by @ZnaTrainer through twitter or any of her training sessions through barter perhaps you could help her now.

The other night she collapsed from helping so many people for free. She fell into a coma from the lack of sleep and the work load that results when you lack the necessary funding to have a staff.

As a group of entrepreneurs we could all pitch in to help this wonderful person to get back on her feet. I’d like to raise at least $100,000 in this first run to help get her back on her feet.

So in the spirit of helping one another we have set up a little Chip In account to help get @ZnaTrainer not only back on her feet but back in business. To help her get enough to get a team back under her belt and give back the company that was stripped clean from her. This 60 year old angel needs our help. If you feel like you want to help please give something and then pass this along to a friend so they can give as well.


Let’s give back to some one who has given so much. Won’t you help? She did not put me up to this. As a matter of fact she’s not even aware of it yet. Upon raising the first $10 @ZnaTrainer will get a deposit right into her Paypal account using an anonymous platform called Chip In as you can see from the widget above. From that moment on she’ll get a check every two days or faster if those funds come in faster. Please help out a fellow sister and giver of life to all.

You can learn more about her breakthroughs and see real testimonials here at

UPDATE: Feb 24, 2009 The Story Thickens…(I’ve added accuracy, clarification and additional info from talking with John & Zna after she rested a bit more)

So seems this angel of love has been keeping a little secret. I’m coordinating with her adopted Brother to keep phone calls to her down to a min but none the less @ZnaTrainer called me Monday Feb 23, 2009 to thank me for what we have done and revealed during the course of my wanting to understand, that this condition was discovered back in 1983. Apparently the endocrinologist that found her did just in time before she died.

Seems @ZnaTrainer has a condition that escaped doctors understanding.

Apparently…forgive my crude explanation as @ZnaTrainer is too weak and I don’t want her to repeat herself but her thyroid is not producing any  triiodothyronine.

This lack of thyroid hormones, principally thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) lead to a condition known as Hypothyroidism which stems from an underproduction of thyroid hormones. “Since your body’s energy production requires certain amounts of thyroid hormones, a drop in hormone production leads to lower energy levels. Causes of hypothyroidism include these:

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: In this autoimmune disorder, the body attacks thyroid tissue. The tissue eventually dies and stops producing hormones.

  • Removal of the thyroid gland: The thyroid may be surgically removed or chemically destroyed as treatment for hyperthyroidism.

  • Exposure to excessive amounts of iodide: Cold and sinus medicines, the heart medicine amiodarone, or certain contrast dyes given before some X-rays may expose you to too much iodine. You may be at greater risk for developing hypothyroidism, especially if you have had thyroid problems in the past.

  • Lithium: This drug has also been linked as a cause of hypothyroidism.

Untreated for long periods of time, hypothyroidism can bring on a myxedema coma, a rare but potentially fatal condition that requires immediate hormone injections.” (

The medications she took really didn’t help her and only caused physical complications. She was placed on a medication that caused her to gain 50lbs. in only two months alone. So instead she chose to forgo the medicine and decided do everything right from eating organically to her power in O2BreakThrough strategies every day in order to keep the weight off.

ZnaTrainer ProfileThis led to the discovery of the rapid weight loss and reverse/ anti aging among other benefits she highlights in her courses. Now in her 60’s she looks younger than in the photo right here.

So while she began using these strategies to lose the weight what she later discovered is that these same strategies are what are keeping @ZnaTrainer alive.

What’s actually happening is that she is infusing her blood with a breakthrough process that creates a Literal Hurricane of Oxygen in her body. Her studies has created the leading scientific knowledge of “how tos” with breakthrough strategies she has trademarked.

So remarkable is this process that not only have her clients experienced significant weight loss but they were building lean body and muscle mass up to six times more than even weight training without use of any equipment. Basically they began to experience cell regenerating, (building a better young body from the inside out ) freedom from joint problems, remission of cancer, rapid weight loss and as I discovered this morning…sustaining of her life itself.

Her kidneys have been deteriorating as well as her liver but this rapid power in and out, and other “trade secrets” with her oxygenation strategy she discovered, has been keeping her alive since her thyroid was radiated by an archaic x-ray machine on her sixteenth birthday. It was not discovered and diagnosed by specialists -(endocrinologists, & internists) until 1983.

From 1990 to 1994 @ZnaTrainer began to experience regular myxedema comas that were responsible for her frequent passing out. They come suddenly especially when she pushes herself too hard from over work. One such coma resulted in her going out while on the stairs in 2000 resulting in her cracking her head which she still has the dent to this day. In a more recent bout a few days ago she passed out in the tub. To keep herself alive this precious angel has been pouring her life out giving client sessions on her back in case she goes under again. If she blacks out she then provides a make up session for the client.

The beautiful commitment of this woman is truly remarkable because the love she has for her clients and her commitment of getting this information out to the public at her own death is beyond what most entrepreneurs normally have to endure. Sadly getting the message out has been slow going because of limited funds and the complete unfaithfulness of those who said they would help her via barter.

Truth be told, you can only help others so long until the cash runs out and if they fail to honor their commitments in a timely manner, no matter what the reason and however justified eventually the engine has to stop! But Zna had many years of clients success stories, documented through television talk shows and television advertisements cataloging before and after photos of these amazingly true accounts.

Her business thrived, teaching over 10,000 clients in a 7,000 square foot studio for 7 years in the 1980s. Henry Mixom, CFO for Ernst & Young, engaged his $80 an hour accountants in an audit to see why there were no profits in 1988 for her business at $750,000 gross. Back then her tuition was then $1,000 per client for a month to 6 weeks of personal training by her employed personal trainers which fluctuated between 20 to 30. He saw Zna was undercharging and not meeting her overhead and insisted that by only raising the tuition to $3,000 for the same program taught by the trainers she hired she would finally realize a small profit margin.

She’s run the business as a “charity” and nonprofit using her own savings, stocks and investment portfolios and real estate equities to finance this business. The profits were non existent due to her heartfelt motivation to make this tuition affordable for all clients in the area. Profits came too late at a small profit margin. He valued Zna’s one on one training for beginners at $20,000, and $50,000 for intermediate and advanced.

Henry Mixom received his own one on one total fitness for pre-golf conditioning, as a total “golf addict” and knew the benefits were phenomenal. He also saw that these exercises accomplished such a great optimized health that they would accomplish better results than all those  anti-aging, great looking, total body extreme makeover for face and body “cosmetics” and could be the replacement for plastic/cosmetic surgery which today would total more than $150,000 in risky, pricey surgeries.

John Bonner, (a health and physical education teacher, with his masters degree in this field, whose dedicated his 21 years in teaching health and physical education, 7 years teaching elementary and middle school students, and for 14 years at NC State University, stumbled upon @ZnaTrainer, discovering her on a Digital website as an expert in the Salt Lake City area. He was checking for ski reports as he enjoyed skiing in Utah and Colorado ski areas. He found her website and became a client after calling her. His story is archived on along with many clients’ since November ’08. Listen in.

John knew the day he called her that these breakthroughs needed to be shared with the world, and his commitment to helping ZnaTrainer continued since this time he started as a client in 2001 with @ZnaTrainer when she lived in Salt Lake City, before moving to Hawaii in 2002.

From this day in 2001, John became one of the most faithful individuals she had ever met and he has given more in time, energy, and his own personal resources to help @ZnaTrainer.

He not only earned the love and respect of @ZnaTrainers family but he also became the trusted COO of @ZnaTrainers company with the limited funds and experience he had. John handled all @ZnaTrainers expenses, and tried to get up to speed on developing his skills as fast as he could in between his normal responsibilities. He made sure @ZnaTrainer had her bills paid, and also that she had groceries. He calls a local individual they trust to help @ZnaTrainer when she does not respond to tweets, email or phone calls.

Because of their lack of experience they were taken advantage of by the Internet marketing community. A website was to be delivered for $6,000 and nothing came of it. Later and other $3,000 was paid and all they have to show for it now is what is there today. John Bonner is now looking for work as their efforts to have others deliver on their promises have delayed the marketing of @ZnaTrainers technologies.

It’s my hope as all those who have benefited from @ZnaTrainer over the years catches wind of the full story they can give what they can to help her get a team on board to get this life changing breakthrough out to the public. Her research has been recently published in Pregnant on Prozac, by Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. (author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies). 


Endangerd Species PromoAs an extreme athlete myself I can attest to the power of what she does.

I’ve been in extreme sports all my life and have often gone out and run 10 miles on a whim with no training. Upon my return I felt tired but well worked out. Well after one 30 min advanced training session which consists of a five minute warmup and a 5 minute workout of 10 positions at 30 seconds duration, with the teaching first time of these trade secrets taking extra time, (with clients on their own schedule recommended to a daily set of 10-15 minutes) I was completely wiped out. Never in my life did I feel so relaxed and worked out.

My bouts of 8:00 PM exhaustion vanished after one session and my shoulder pains from a double rotator cuff surgery diminished to manageable levels my first session.

No I did not tear my shoulders skiing.

That’s an older photo there for a promo we did years ago.

I tore them in an airplane incident to which we are still in court with United Airlines if you really want to know but that’s another story all together.

My goal to help this precious angel get the word out by doing the following:

Presently I have placed up a project management platform and a blog for her located at while coordinating with her adopted brother John to get her materials to sort through all the content to make sense of it since her present state makes her writing a bit confusing to the reader.

She’s also been introduced to my Marketing Partner who is standing by to promote her to more than 100 Million double opt-in emails and 1500 joint venture partners when everything is ready to go.

Now realize that I’m doing this amongst my own challenges as an entrepreneur and responsibilities as husband and dad to 3 precious children under 8 with the resources of time and money I have available.

What also needs to be done to help @ZnaTrainer is the following:

  1. Clarity on the message

  2. Packaging of her products,

  3. Promotion of her message and

  4. An effective platform to both

    1. Communicate her message as well as

    2. Process those who are interested in obtaining her products and services

    3. Provide her training to her clients

To do that is going to require additional staff that I don’t presently have to dedicate unless funding comes in from an Angel investor or the Chip In reaches at least $100,000.

She’ll also need a tech person to handle all the Blogging, IT related issues of web development and the necessary software and graphics to set up her continuity program, as well as help get her promoted to the proper people for at least the first year.

This should give her a solid foundation upon which she can stay rested and continue her teaching while at the same time allow her to move forward and acquire additional capital to infuse her business to go full speed.

If you agree and would like to help we have several ways for you to support this endeavor.

First you can help financially by contributing what you feel you can help with. “If we all chip in a little we can do a whole lot. We can move mountains one pebble at a time. If we have a lot of people helping we can move the mountains over night!” FSG

if you have access to the right people who can get the message out or you have influence in your social space, get the message out through that space be it Twitter, Face Book, My Space est.

(Before you do register to be an affiliate of hers because she wants to make sure you are paid 35% of every sale of those who hire her for sending her the referrals. You can register at and

You can send people here to this blog post or you can embed the code and share your own personal story about @ZnaTrainer.

If you want to send her food or other items of support you can notify me on twitter: iGoXtreme and then I’ll DM you details.

If you are a caring and compassionate entrepreneur you can do all three and call me and coordinate your help with mine as ShermanHu at and @TravisGreenly has done.

Keep in mind that @ZnaTrainer is working. She’s not a lazy person and is working her tail off to her own detriment so anything you do is not a hand out but more of an investment in to some one who is giving back. She would only accept John Bonner’s help with full expectation and faith, years ago, of giving half of her profits. She’s never asked for a handout, and would have never allow her situation to “leak out” along with this life threatening condition to the public. She’s grateful for my decision to ask for help, however, seeing the urgency, knowing her nature, with focus on those she’s helping, not discussing her private life, unless I chose to share this part of her journey, she would have never publicly allowed this:

Zna’s story of fighting for her life, trusting so many who came to her and made promises but only enjoyed great benefits of her program without reciprocating, following through on their offers and promises they made to her, she’s kept from the public, focusing on only wanting to help and save lives.

When she gets on her feet again we’ll set up a special place for all who helped and provide them with a special thank you that we’ll begin working on right now.

One last comment to all the negative nay sayers, which I like to refer to as (neigh slayers) that have started their ridiculous attacks.

This is not a joke or some sleazy scheme to try and get money.

I run a respectable business and have been doing so for more than 18 years. So I have a solid reputation in my community and around the globe to keep in tact.

Also as the creator of that has now reached to more than 500,000 people in 29 countries… this is my commitment to help someone, unbeknownst to them, (They found out when all the tweets came back) and repay them for their commitment of love to others, while also in hopes of inspiring others to open their eyes

You see because we can get so caught up in our problems and look for the easy way out and keep our light under a bushel by just saying “I’ll pray for you”.

While prayer is important so is action and sooner or later someone has to have the courage to act. My hope is you will see the truth of this and help if you can in one of the ways above so millions more can benefit from this woman’s wisdom before it’s time for her to go home.

Those of you who know me…

I thank you in advance for your care and concern and those of you who have already helped let me say thank you. Your gifts of love were delivered last night and came just in time to help @ZnaTrainer

I’ll keep everyone updated here as to @ZnaTrainers’ progress.

Again thank you for your care and concern for @ZnaTrainer

In Her Service;

Roger Gauthier
AKA: The In-Flight Motivator
Twitter: iGoXtreme


UPDATE: Feb 27, 2009 A Truly Empowered Woman

Before I give an update let me just say that for speeds sake you will not find proper grammar or spelling here. To insure that Zna’s Update’s could be communicated expediently with most of the resources we have available being applied to actually helping her, and that my own efforts can be invested in doing what is necessary to help Zna move forward out of her situation I felt it best to by pass speaking and grammar formalities. So please forgive us in advance.

I’m sitting here watching October Sky and I cannot help to see the joy when a community chips in to help a team realize a dream much bigger than their own. Coalwood was a little mining town in the heart of McDowell county. It was one of the poorest communities in West Virgina. And out of the belly of this little community rose “The Rocket Boys” who brought a new hope to a community stuck in a way of life that could had little hope for change. But the announcement of Sputnik entering space inspired a group young boys to think outside the box and later reached outside their world to touch a much bigger world. There is nothing more beautiful. It’s a testimate to the power of love.

I must say that this last week has been nothing short of miraculous. I’ve received some incredible calls, tweets and seen some exceptional people step up and actually follow through on helping ZnaTrainer. It’s been a remarkable display of love. I pray and hope it will continue so we can get this truly incredible woman out of a tough situation.

It’s beginning to occur to me that some may think that ZnaTrainer is looking for handouts or some how is weak. Well let me share that Zna is by no means some one who is looking for a hand out nor empathy or sympathy.

What amazes me is that usually when some one goes through touch situations, they have a tendency to gripe and complain about it to those closest to them. Well ZnaTrainer is just the opposite. She did not fully explain her situation and keeps extremely private while at the same time she has maintained her professionalism along with tremendous strength and despite the fact that her body was completely shutting down, she consistently provided her services to her customers. Find any other woman like that and you will find a Truly Empowered Woman.

So let me give you a quick snapshot of what has happened over the course of this week.

Tue. Feb 24th –
Called Zna after hearing about some problems she had with her kidneys. It confirmed that her kidney was not doing what they were supposed to. She sounded weak but was getting rest finally.  She did not have the strength to get up and eat. (She does have some one that can attend to her if she does not respond to phone calls.) We had more than$500 in contributions and many people tweeted to encourage her. Zna shared how seeing peoples response had encouraged her to hang on.

Wed. Feb 25th –
Checked in with Zna and she sounded much stronger. She finally got some rest and had a decent nights sleep. She was still lying down. She was listening to  She did not have the strength to get up and eat. (She does have some one that can attend to her if she does not respond to phone calls.) We had more than $500 in contributions and many people tweeted to encourage her. Zna shared how seeing peoples response had encouraged her to hang on. She can listen to her Tweet Deck and observe the tweets people DM her or send out replys. She is starting to feel hopeful again with the support that has begun to come in. Since she is so private I know it’s hard for her to share but I think it’s important that the world know her story because it truly reveals the power of this incredible approach she has discovered to keep herself alive.

What I discovered both shocked me and enraged me. I started to ask for more clarity on how she lost everything and was amazed to discover a story that some day when she is ready will make an incredible movie. For now it will have to stay in her hidden chapters until the time is right but what I can say is that my hope and desire is that some how justice will be served.

I decided to enroll over at Oprah’s website and submit my own story of how this incredible breakthrough tecnhology has increased my own energy and strength.

Thursday Feb 26th –
ZnaTrainer called me this morning at 10:00AM EST. She is so precious. She was trying to say thank you by providing a work out for me. I was in the middle of a mind mapping strategy session and bless her heart Hawaii is 6 hours behind us. All I can really say is that it has to be the power and grace of GOD that keeps her alive. She does a class at 5:55 EST one at 8:55 EST, and one at 11:55 EST. So to get a call at 10:00AM was telling me she’s not sleeping. Zna truly is an extraordinary woman. I called her tonight to check in with her to see how she was feeling. She shared how she realizes now that she needs to sleep adequatly, take a nap througout the day, and eat regularly. She suspects that if she can get back into a proper routine that her body will return to a more stable condition.

She also opened up a bit more today and the story is so deep that you can’t walk away without shedding a tear and sending out a prayer. Despite the arrows of cruel and unloving words that pierced her own heart, she exudes a love for others that is oftern associated with saints.

Friday Feb 27th –
Wow what a day. Had a phone call with a remarkable person today who would like to get envolved in this helping Zna. I also just finished my nightly check in with ZnaTrainer and she sounds ok right now. She’s resting more for the first time in many many years. She’s also gaining the confidence that’s she’s going to be around for more years to get this knowledge out. Her commitment to get this body of knowledge out to the public is the greatest display of entrepreneurial resolve I have seen in a long time. She is the embodiment of entrepreneurism. Lesser would have quit by now and given up and made the excuse that “I guess it wasn’t meant to be. ZnaTrainer however has transended into the ranks of walking the path of Walt Disney, Oprah, Fred Smith of FedEx, Wendy & Rory Alex or GOD TV and those other entrepreneurs that stood in the face of adversity and said I will not cower nor back down but press on no matter how hard you blow. It’s no wonder since this technology has kept her alive. It really is that effective. Another side benifit is that she can hear and see better now at 60 than when she was younger..

Let me just reveal to you her scheduel. Her schedule is such that she starts training at 5:50AM EST right through to 10:45EST. Mind you she lives in Hawaii.

She then does admin from 10:45 to 11:45 and on on M, W, F she works with a client that she’s been training since 1984 from 11:15 to 11:30. She returns to her training classes at 11:45 EST up until 2:55 wich then she finally has a window between 3:00 to 7:00 EST where she can run an errand if she feels strong enough. Do follow up calls, return calls, get something to eat and basically take a break, if she get away from the computer and twitter.

From 7:00 PM till 12:45 she has a window to sleep if she is not getting on some ones tel-conference call as a guest or taking a class herself.

This was her pace until 1990 until she then went into that myxedema coma for 4 years. At that point she could do nothing. She was in and out of the commas and litterally could do nothing. This began to repeat itself last week. The best way you can show you care is to do something.

By undercharging her clients she has had to keep this pace just to keep herself from being evicted. It just goes to reiterate my own belief that asking some one to give you a better deal or to weasel your way into the lowest price possible is the biggest signal of a poverty mindset I have ever seen. You should not cave into greed however negotiating to get the cheapest deal at the expense of the business owner is actually selfish and not onyl robs but also disempowers those who will do good with the resources you give to them. It actually hurts everyone all the way around. The person who practices such things feels cheap and their character begins to errode.

The business owner is stripped of the resources they need to feed their family along with the resources to help other people. Not to mention the customer that would have been reached is now missed because the person, who was too self preserving failed to release the resources, out of greed or fear held on too tightly. How true and sweat the scripture that reads it is more blessed to give than it is to recieve.

I can only inspire you to try and experience the joy of paying some one  more than what they asked. Not only will you feel incredible but you now empower another human being to make a bigger diffrence.

So how can you help??? Well, cou can send out daily tweets telling others about Zna and telling them to come to this post. You can also send me a private email telling me specifically how you would like to help. I don’t have the luxury of calling each person that says I’d like to help what can I do. Instead I can post what needs to be done on a central board or forum and you can coordinate amoungst yourselves what you can do to help ZnaTrainer. Then email me your plan and I can log you into our Project Management platform so you can deliver what you say you can.

Lastly… despite my best efforts to convince her to rest she is still doing her Saturday show at 10:00AM EST / 7:00AM PST.

So if you want to help her you can go to and register by submitting your e-mail and password and follwo the instruction to get on the call. You’ll get a free e-book but more importantly you can send in your questions and/or call in and ask her questions while sending your love.

But please keep to a minimum so she does not exert herself too much. I will be out of communication Saturday due to the Scottish festive my In-Laws love to partake in but will be back Monday morning to get ready for a new week before my own honeymoon returns  in the form of an anniversary

Until then keep our little angel in your heart, prayers and tweets and make a commitment to do one of the 5 things listed above or tell others using all the strategies above.

It’s late and I myself must go to bed too or I might find myself blacking out from just sheer exhaustion. Already I am beginning to feel it with the magnitude of this project on top of an already over burdened work load myself so I find the crabbiness showing up in places I least expected it to. I’m looking forward to the new energy drops Joe Sugarman sent us. The timming was perfect so now I can use them for the Zna project!

Next time we hope to have a live video for you to watch on our new TV platform over at

Until then “may you seek and obtain the faith to do extraordinary things.” FSG

In ZnaTrainers Service;

Roger G
AKA: The In-Flight Motivator


UPDATE: March 11th, 2009 Our Angel Grows Weary 

It’s been a bit more than a week getting this out to the world but here is a quick update on ZnaTrainer.

Presently she is feeling totally wiped out. She feels like an anvil is laying on her chest and she is working around the clock trying to keep her lights on, food on the table, roof over her head and doors open. She is relapsing and needs to get the right staff in to help her quickly. That’s why we are trying to raise $100,000 in early stage investing through contributions.

@ZnaTrainer, has way undercharged and bartered way too much to try and get her information out in hopes of recovering from her loss. Unfortunately those who promised a fair value exchange that and the approach . I’ve spoken to the board and advised a NO MORE BARTERING Policy as those who have bartered don’t pay her bills and fail to promote her to paying clients. The only thing it does is place more work on her plate and stress on her body. Thus they instituted a NO BARTER POLICY.

So that gets to the end of this @ZnaTrainer Update.

If you want to truly help @ZnaTrainer then let’s do what should have been done from the beginning. Let’s exchange value for where value has been already given.

If you, or some one you know, has received a session or benefit from @ZanTrainer on barter then I challenge to step up and contribute back to her well being. You can either promote her in equal value as if you were hired to do so, or contribute financially. If you send out tweets to have every one give at least $1.00. Just think if 100,000 people each give just $1 we can get her going within a few short weeks. But do only what you can make good on.

We all have good intentions but life sometimes can get in the way so only do what you know you can follow through on. @ZnaTrainer does not need those high in the sky promises but rather real value.

Obviously CASH is the only that will pay her bills. This author has already contributed him self so I can stand before you unashamed to ask you for your help. Is it a plea? No! I believe it’s a mandate we all have to bear one another’s burdens of those who are trying. I don’t think it’s for those who are trying to take advantage of the system but rather for those doing all they can and then some. to ask you to do the right thing for some one out there busting their own butt in order to make sure the knowledge people need to truly stay healthy and thin gets out there.

In Conclusion, as much as I don’t like to say this as I am standing in faith all will be well,  I need to let you be aware that she is in serious trouble. Even though many may see her actively twittering she is doing so at the peril of her own health due to her desperate situation. We are pleading with her to not do so that she may be able to help more people by resting. Yet she continues to work hoping to find those who are serious about their health who are ready to invest in their own well being.

If we don’t move quickly, this beloved angel may find refuge else where. If however we express to her our love, in the forms that right now are most important to keep her alive, then we may see not only a recovery but also encourage and inspire her to stay a bit longer.

Next week we hope to begin her project management program. We have had four people sign up to help and later this week it is my desire to high light specific people and resources that are needed to help get her back up and running. If you have those things it will be more than gratefully received to help @ZnaTrainer to become the ZnaWarrior.

In Her Service;



Song Around the World – Says it best

Sometimes during the course of a day we can catch the faint smell of spring, or a freshly baked good.Sometimes it’s the color of a sunset or the sound of the ocean.

Each of these has a profound way of delighting our hearts, bringing a sense of love and encouragement, home and security and bringing us back to our core.

Well this little video has done just that.If you don’t cheer up then you need lots of help and need to call us!