How to STOP The Biggest Killer of Your Dreams & Life That’s Going Undetected.

Did you know that there is a killer on the loose and it’s hunting you down to destroy your very dreams?
P.S. It’s more than Information Overload…

Let’s flush this killer out and put a stop to it before it takes another life.


The Mystery Begins

Okay so does this sound familiar?

You wake up in the morning and you quickly check your smart phone for emails and social media responses. Then you find yourself hurrying to get ready now, since you discovered 20 min slipped through your fingers.

Ask me how I know…:-)

You get to your office and discover a flood of emails into our inbox from a half dozen or more of subscriptions you thought would help us.

Maybe you manage them well and invest say 30 minuted programing your system to filter them into appropriate folders.

Then you throw in the countless text’s tweets and Face Book posts and another half dozen social media outlets we subscribe to and watch and, if your honest with yourself, you’ll agree that something just does not feel right.

Part of it is that your focus is now diffused and that you are also behind on your most critical projects. (At least what YOU think is critical)

Of course we justify it thinking I made some great connections or expanded my communication platform on, or what ever, even though it was not really on the schedule today.

But you still feel a bit uneasy…kinda feeling like your off target or something. You just can’t seem to put your finger on it but deep down you just know something is wrong.

Well there is and in today’s post I’m going to present something to you that will help expose what the real issue is and how to prevent it from happening any more.

BUT to successfully combat this problem is going to require you do something that has been difficult for all of us to do because it is something that happens at a deep core level in our emotions and when someone get’s near it we defend it violently at times. Read more

What’s The Cube you Have Been Given?

Strange title yeimagess? Not for those who have gone to see the movie “Mr. Magorium Wonder Emporium” and understood it’s true message. This brilliant film communicates the power of belief and it’s importance in tapping into the source of creativity. Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman) owns and runs the most magical store in the universe, where all of the toys for sale are alive. But when the aging shopkeeper decides to retire and give the business to his faithful cashier Molly Mahoney, (Natalie Portman), she is shocked. Read more