Realize Your Dream in 2017

As we draw to a close on this year and enjoy the holiday season it’s tradition to begin focusing on the year to come and what we hope to accomplish or change in the New Year.

But for many the hopes are quickly dashed or those resolutions pass in the night like a lonely car in the night on one of those deep Montana Roads.


I’d like to share 7 suggestions that I have used religiously to make the last days more meaningful and the New Year something to look forward to because too many can find themselves frustrated with their hope deferred and depressed as they peer into the future.

1) Make Plans NOT Resolutions
Resolutions are fun and all during the New Years festivities and make for great conversation, but long after the champagne is gone and the music stops our level of commitment rapidly dies and by Feb many find themselves in the same grind of their lives if not worse off.
Plans can keep you going forward even if you did not reach them within the year. You can simply adjust your plans and keep pressing on.
As I teach in my Strategic Freedom 2.0 program is that it is better to design plans than it is Resolutions.


Because plans are concrete where resolutions are whimsical.

When you craft a well laid out plan, like many do for their vacations, the likely hood that you follow through and execute on those plans goes up more than 50 fold.
Plans are intentions set into stone if you will. They are no longer wishes but actual steps of ratified commitment placed into blueprints ready to be executed on.

2) Write your plans.
Write your plans down into a journal or 3 ring binder.

There is something powerful that happens when we write our desires down. BUT Something even more powerful happens when we take the time to actually come up with a strategy on how to reach those goals. When we flesh out a plan into small chunks that our minds can actually believe we can achieve.
If you do it right you can become like a child on Christmas morning as your future becomes believable.
So many people are discouraged and have lost their hope because they don’t truly believe they can have their dreams. Much of that is because the dream is so big they don’t know where to begin or even how to start. Writing your plans down will begin to solidify your desires and you’ll begin to see what you can do to achieve the goal/desire step by step.

3) Plan, Do, Review
When I traveled with Jim Rohn he taught me to plan the year, months, weeks and days and at the end of each, take time to review my activity…my do…and see what changes I needed to make to improve the results.
If I can get at least 10% better each year in all the areas of my life, then you can craft an incredible life.
Take time the last week of the year to review your year. What you did right. What you did wrong, what you could have done to do better. What you learned, what were your biggest lesson and blessings.

This will help you in what changes to implement for the year coming up.

4) Declare
Declare your plans to your peers. Share with them what your doing. It will compel you to follow through. I would show my peers what I was working on and ask if I could include them. Those that said yes would compel me to ensure I delivered and with excellence.

5) Accountability Partners
Having accountability is one of the best and hardest things we can do because we have not yet become the person we don’t want to let down. We have let ourselves down so many times that it becomes almost second nature. We resolve to loose weight and get back into shape and the next day we don’t even do the 10 push-ups we need to begin the process.

We promise ourselves to save money and pay off our bills and when the next paycheck comes we fail to employ the “Pay Yourself 1st” principle and instead of setting aside 10% into charity, 10% into savings, 10% into an income generator we end up paying our bills 1st, and take care of immediate needs with nothing left to save.
So we can’t trust ourselves. We need someone we respect to hold us accountable to our actions. To ensure we follow through.

This next year choose 1 to 3 people you respect that you would not want to let down and share with them your desire to work your plan this year better than last year and ask them to hold you accountable.

I had a client that needed help to follow through so we made an arrangement that if he did not follow through I would charge his card an extra $1,000 each day he did not accomplish his goal. He never missed a goal.

So come up with some creative ways to hold yourself accountable to your promises.

6) Do something different.
Often times we keep getting the same results because we don’t change what we do and we keep making the same kinds of decisions that produced the results we have already gotten.

To get better results you have to make better decisions and take better actions.

May times deciding to work with a coach is the best thing you can do to get the results your looking for. A coach can give you insights you could not get on your own. They can provide you with the fresh perspective you may have been lacking. Like looking at the world from 30,000 feet instead of 50 feet up.

7) Ask GOD for HIS Help and guidance.
Too often we go about our ways without seeking divine guidance. Then we wonder why our lives are a mess.

The book of antiquity reveals that if we delight ourselves in the LORD that HE gives us the desire of our hearts and that if we commit our plans to the LORD that HE would establish them.

It goes onto say that if we will seek the LORD that HE would give us the wisdom we need.
By asking the LORD for direction, and guidance you’re more certain to succeed at your plans.

If you like these ideas and want to actually go deeper and learn exactly what to do to finally realize your dream in 2017  then register  for my free online mini course called 28 Days to Freedom.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to demolish the chains that keep you stuck
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And so much more!

Just go to

I’d love to hear what you do each year to make the next better and some suggestions to turn prevent the same old things from happening over and over gain.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The True Worth Of Thanksgiving!


It’s a holiday which mean so much to so many!

For some it marks the holiday season, for others it the reuniting of family and friends to share a special meal. For others the memories are not so pleasant!

This year I find myself wanting to do something unique in hopes of reawakening the true spirit that has made this season so special in the first place. So it is that I share something that has been happening to me the last 6 to 8 months in hopes it gives you a new perspective you can share with those you care about this Thanksgiving holiday. Read more

What’s The Cube you Have Been Given?

Strange title yeimagess? Not for those who have gone to see the movie “Mr. Magorium Wonder Emporium” and understood it’s true message. This brilliant film communicates the power of belief and it’s importance in tapping into the source of creativity. Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman) owns and runs the most magical store in the universe, where all of the toys for sale are alive. But when the aging shopkeeper decides to retire and give the business to his faithful cashier Molly Mahoney, (Natalie Portman), she is shocked. Read more

4 Mission Critical Skills For 2013 & Beyond

It’s now evident to everyone that things are getting very challenging in today’s world. No matter what the media is saying we know based on all the statistics they the media refuses to accept that things are about to get a-lot worse. As so well put in John Robb’s blog Resilient in his latest post. Financial Tsunami? Hedge it with Productive, Local Assets things are about to get really tough and those who are prepared are going to thrive like never before.

But what are the critical skills you must have in business, social media, life and in almost every thing you do, in order to handle this super storm of enormous proportions?

Well the skills you need are going to be a matter of life and death literally and in this quick post I’ve outlined some of those critical skills to help you focus and filter your activities so you can begin to get ready and position yourself as a business owner and as one who have loved ones to protect.

1st) Foresight
Every titan in their industry has understood the power of seeing into the future and seeing around the bend. Foresight or intuition. Men like Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan all had one key ability. To see where things where going and to position themselves as the leader in the primary source in that field. You may argue all day long that they were ruthless and that may be according to today’s standards but none the less the skills were still there. How they executed their decision was another matter of discussion. A great documentary to watch is The Men Who Built America on the History Channel. It will give you some key mission critical insights you must have to thrive in the days ahead.

2nd) Mental & Emotional & Mastery.
Controlling one’s own mind and emotions are going to be very key in the days ahead. As circumstances begin to become worse people get into fear and panic. Decisions made in fear and panic ONLY result in creating the very things you fear and eventually end up in destruction. Having a solid understanding of how your mind works and how to control it are critical. The best person I know in the field is Barbara Stepp of Excellence Quest Training Institute International. With more than 30 years of experience and the most experienced Master Trainer in the world in NLP, and DHE as well as the owner of Dave Dobson’s Other Than Conscious Communication (OTCC Funshop) she has a style in teaching that is said to be far more comprehensive than most other trainers today. Founder and creator of NLP Richard Bandler, had this to say about her. “Barbara Stepp has long been one of the best and up to date trainers. You’ll find none better. This endorsement comes in the year 2000, not the stone age.” ~ Dr. Richard Bandler, Evolutionizer, Founder for NLP™ & DHE™

This is a must learn skill not just for your own mind and emotional control but also in the highly competitive world we are entering with the rest of the world like we highlighted in our article back in 2005 called Five Drivers of Changeyou must know how to develop re-pore with people quickly and connect with them on a deep level. You must understand how to create trust with people from many walks of life, how to hear them,  help them and how to position yourself in order for them to extend favor to you over some one else. You must know how to really negotiate with these powerful skills both written and verbal. Without these skill you will be just another one of the millions of people that are competing for peoples time and decisions making abilities. In short if you don’t use this skill well you could end up homeless.

But when things get worse and they will you must be able to know how to keep your mind focused on the right things and keep your emotions in check. You need to have tools to know how to make your mind work and the strategies to optimize your mind so stay in peace and remain calm NO MATTER HOW SCARY THE FUTURE may look. It is no different than flying a plane in an emergency. If you loose and engine or worse 2, you have to keep a cool, calm steady mind and not freak out and let go of the controls. In doing so it can mean the difference of a safe crash landing you walk away from or one in which there is no return.

The choice is yours.

The the last critical skill you must master is

3rd.) Spiritual Maturity
This is perhaps the most important skill because it really is the foundation of the first two. And there is no longer any time to argue any longer as to what the truth is and what is not. If your plane is about to crash you don’t go and ask some one’s opinion of what to do. You need the truth PERIOD. So here is the truth. Without a true spiritual foundation you cannot see intuitively into the future, nor can you have fundamental programming to keep your mind under control nor will you make it in the days ahead. I know that may sound difficult to digest but let me ask you a question. If I was a dentist and I cared about you, would I be in the wrong to not pull a tooth that was infected and impacted? Of course. I would violate my Hippocratic oath. As some one who care about you then I must tell the truth no matter how difficult it may be to hear. You must establish yourself spiritually in a real spiritual relationship with our MIGHTY CREATOR. HE has provided a way, now it’s up to you to say yes. Doing so you will save yourself a ton of heart ache and agony.

Why? Because if you don’t know what the truth is to hold onto in your mind and emotions, then when the storm comes you will crumble under the pressure. For example the truth of scripture tells us that those who love and obey GOD, that HE will supply all of your needs. If you don’t believe that, then when your income goes south like ours did in 2009 when we went form $45,000 a week to ZERO I would have jumped out of the window.

While I had to battle fear of having lost all our revenue and the panic that tried to trench itself into my heart when the IRS hit us with a false $40,000 judgement and our house was flooded destroying my office and all my other clients left because I was not there to help them, by the grace of GOD HE helped me remember that HE was there. HE brought books and people to encourage me and help me see the greater purpose to my trials. Without that understanding I would probably have committed suicide.

But HE was faithful to make sure my bills were paid every month and HE helped me to pay off our $120,000 dollars in debt step by step and slowly brought the business back online after some serious foundational work. What was that work? Basically how to become intimately close  to HIM. HE led me to specific free resources that strengthen and matured my Spirit being that you can begin doing right now. Like

1) Learn to Have Faith In GOD
2) How to follow The Witness of HIS SPIRIT
3) How to be Delivered from Spiritual Strongholds that were effecting my decisions.

These were fundamental and gave me the tools to help turn things around for my life, my marriage and my business. But more than that it helped me to recognize that the skills I had developed in the past were not sufficient to handle everything I went through but there was one skill that helped me.

4th)The skill of Prayer. Being able to pray and get divine insight was my life saving rope that was tossed to me and that is one skill you must have in the days ahead.

Don’t be blind sided about what the media or others are saying. There is a huge storm coming and while you have time get ready. Use your resources to grow and to prepare mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and most importantly Spiritually.

Please share what you have seen and what you are doing to thrive in the days ahead and if this post was helpful share it with others you care about.

Remember to Always “Fly Right”


Roger Gauthier
“In the right key you can say anything;
in the wrong key nothing. The only
delicate part of life is establishing the
key.”~ George Bernard Shaw
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The Hardest Truth To Accept

What would you do if you found out everything you knew was a lie? That you had been deceived and were living in a darkened understanding?

Would you want to know or would you just continue to live in darkness?

As hard as it may be to believe, and receive, we all live in a level of darkened understanding due to the system that is in place and our own character flaws of pride, arrogance, fear, lust and greed.

Most people don’t want the light of truth because they have come to trust and love their darkened world of understanding. To complicate matters the pride of life does not want to accept the possibility that the life & lifestyle created is built on shaky ground. We would not dare build a hotel on unstable ground but when it comes to our lives we don’t use the same wisdom. It’s not untill the ground is radically shifted that we wake up.

I’ll never forget the day part of my own darkened understanding was enlightened to real truth. I was both grateful that I could see and still have the opportunity to learn, while at the same time I was grieved that I had deceived my own self for so long.

I was at a hotel getting ready to shoot a commercial the next day. I was reading this 500 year old book that a friend gave me. With it’s direct and powerful words it gently pulled the veil back and exposed my own darkness. I literally had no idea I was blind. It revealed how most all my decisions were being made to protect my own selfishness and to gratify my own desires for self gratification & greed. I even hid behind a lie that I wanted to help people. When push came to shove I really wanted financial provision.

It was a moment of new freedom. In this freshly found liberty I could finally see more clearly and make a new choice. To move into the light and let it expose all the darkness in me so I could be purged. It was that or stay in the darkness and continue down the path of misery and ultimate failure . I was shocked to see that a part of me was not wanting to let go of my habitual ways and thoughts.

Of course my decision was to step into the light as much as I possibly could. It has been both a joyous decision as well as a heart breaking decison as all my faults were being revealed.  I wanted to live the ideal lifestyle and have lots of money, to live in a nice home and enjoy my work. Every thing came under scrutiny. I discovered it’s not about your job, about money, lifestyle. No it’s infinitely more valuable and precious than that.

Now I’d like to pass this torch of light to you for free so that you too can be transformed for the better.

Enclosed is a link to this profound little book that has been the most read spiritual devotional of all time. It has transformed more lives than any other devotional. Please do you and your loved ones a favor and read it several times. When you finish the First section of 5, email me your thoughts and share how it’s impacted your life as we continue this journey to fulfilling your purpose.

Fulfilling your real dream your real purpose you first have to step out of darkness and in to the light. That’s what that tug in your heart is. You know that there is something more, you know that you have a greater purpose but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. That pull or tug is the love of the creator wooing you to come up higher and deeper in life.

Make the decision to step into the light. Don’t worry about the darkness that will be exposed. Think of it as a liberating of the spirit. There is forgiveness and love in the light but you have to say yes and take that first step.

Just download this free copy of the most profound book that has radically transformed so many others and share with me the impact it is having on your own life.

Until next time remember to always fly right.

P.S. Stop off at for 1 min messages of video inspiration.

Roger G -aka- Your Inflight Motivater