WV_SubminiThe Entrepreneurs Pit Stop has many resources for those who are in business but what of the person who does not have a business or an entrepreneur who is looking to add to his portfolio an additional source of income?

The Entrepreneur’s Business Vault is an eclectic collection of proven businesses, on and off line, that have been put to the test to produce income. Whatever your desire is, from Network marketing, to franchises or brick and mortar companies, you can select from the growing number of companies that are added monthly by our marketing partners.

Supplied by one of our top marketing partners who has been in business for more than 70 years, they have had literally thousands of businesses come to them for marketing help. Many did not have the sales force that they wanted so what we did was to create an alliance where those from the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop who wanted a business or additional source of income could sort through the hundreds of businesses by category and find one that most closely aligns with one they believe in. They would then be given the tools and resources from the company and the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop to produce a solid reliable income.