America The Land Of Dreamers!

Welcome to The In-Flight Motivator!

Were excited to be able to provide this new resource to enable individuals to accomplish the impossible!

As many of you already know our world is constantly filled with growing negative and empty images that rob the very life and dreams out of men, women and children’s hearts. As a matter of fact can you honestly remember when the last time you were encouraged to live your dreams or asked what you would do with your life if you had all the money in the world and were not afraid what others thought of you. When was the last time you heard that message through our media?

I was just at the NCSL conference for teens in Orlando and 90% of the students there were afraid of failure and uncertain of what the future had in store. These were young students getting ready to enter their college years. What happened to the faith filled, obstacle conquering, fear demolishing, anything is possible attitude they displayed when then they were children?

EXACTLY! It was beaten out of them by well meaning siblings, parents, teachers, and other leaders who said “I do not want to see you get hurt. Peruse a real job” Find a career you can be happy with that will make you a good living.”

What happened to the wild eyed dreamers who invented flying, space exploration, and so many other incredible inventions?

What happened to the trail blazers of innovation?

We must once again become a country of faith filled, GOD inspired dreamers, who have the courage to face the opposition that doubts, fears, denies and desires to live quiet lives of desperation and get hung up and being offended by what some one says or believes.

You see many are more afraid of what they can become. And when they look at those who are doing they have a choice. Regret that they are not doing likewise, get motivated by that fact that some one else is doing, or tear them down by telling them to use wisdom and play it safe.
For those of you who have lived a little you know what they do!

Nothing great was created by playing it safe. There is a saying that goes like this “If you try and save you life you will loose it, but if you give it up in the pursuit of truth you will find it.” So follow after your dreams!

Walt Disney celebrates it’s 50th anniversary. What would have happened if Walt had listened to those who said that it could not be done? Millions today would not be touched.

Same it is with you. There is a dream waiting to be birthed in your heart that the world is waiting for. There are answers to our biggest problems in your very hearts. The pursuit of your purpose is the only place you will ever be happy so go after it whole heatedly knowing that the in-flight motivator is here to support you and encourage you to go after your dream and leave those who lack the courage behind.

Remember America is the land of Dreamers. It is the land of the free… free from mental and emotional fears, free from the disapproval of others, free from selfishness, free from doubt, worry, and free from all the junk that makes people into angry, hate filled, judgmental, discouraging, negative dream destroyers. America is also the home of the brave…those who have the courage to pursuit that which makes them great and our nation great!

So The In-Flight Motivator is here to motivate you while you are in-flight to your dreams so as to ensure you make it there without delay.

Our objective is to Provide individuals, interested in really accomplishing what their heart is pulling at them to do, the motivation, the insight, and the access to the resources to make those dreams, goals, objectives and anything else a realty in their lives.

It is also designed to be a life line; a place of retreat from all the negative messages that bombard our minds telling us that were no good and that life is dangerous and uncertain.

The In-flight motivator will become a place of encouragement where you can get that extra needed boost to go out there and beat the odds despite what the so called experts say is possible.

So let’s change the world and climb to Xtreme Altitudes of Success.

Upward & Onward;

Roger Gauthier
Your In-Flight Motivator!

Non-Stop Service to Success…Pre-Departure!

Flt 777 Non-Stop Service To Success

Again I’d like to welcome you Success Traveler!

On your journey to accomplishing your dreams you’re going to need help from all kinds of people. But you need the right people and if you do not know where to find them, then stick around and we’ll introduce them to you. Staying inspired and motivated requires you to have access to the right materials. In this post were going to highlight a free e-zine we offfer called “Non-Stop Service To Success”

This post is from one of our sessions in our newsletter, “Non-Stop Service To Success” @ htp:// It’s titled:
Flight 777 Non-Stop Service to Success with Continuing Service to Significance!

It’s one in a series of 15 from our seminar “Success 101, Ground School Training For Success”.

These “Ground School Basics” are introductory yet critical if you’re going to arrive safely at your final destination. At the end of the seven sessions, if they have gone through each one, we reward them with something to help accelerate their journey to Success!

It’s amazing how many people who can actually be given the answers to their problems choose to bask in complacency. That’s like being financially broke and being given a bank account with $1 Billion in it and you mope around feeling sorry for your-self because you have no money when all along all you have to do is go and make a withdrawal.

What’s even more exciting is that our participants learn how to “FLY SOLO”. Yes! You heard right! They won’t need to endlessly consume all those motivational candy materials that leave you emotionally charged but without lasting results.

From a health stand point it’s worth considering. The biggest advantages is that they won’t be an adrenaline junky, fry their adrenal glands, or ride the emotional roller coaster ride any longer either.

As a matter of fact once they understand what the “Gurus” have kept hidden from them, they’ll finally be able to fly on their own to any destination they’d like to go at any time and at any pace they choose!

They’ll also have one additional benefit and that’s this!

Long Lasting, Unshakable, Solid CONFIDENCE THAT…THEY CAN FLY! And that is priceless because once they get it, nothing will ever again hold them back.

They’ll never ever again want to be a bi-ped that’s for sure. Now that’s what makes a great flight.

Now while many of the subscribers have been successful on some level before, they learn to stow those thoughts under the seat in front of them or in the overhead bin. Over the course of the 7 classes, they must lay aside those thoughts they’ve learned (everything you need to know about success) so they can extend their full attention without being distracted by the ego. It’s very important so they can get the most out of what we share because we not only cover the important success features and explain the tools they need to assume full responsibility for their own success! 🙂

But we emphasize, that those who truly reach Xtreme Altitudes of success, are those who drum up the courage to take full responsibility for their lives.

We use lots of flying metaphors because it makes it easier to understand and because flying has incredibly close parallels to living successfully!

We now as with any class there are always a few text books. Keep in mind its not the continuous consumption of books and tapes, but there are a few you must have to reprogram your mental flight computers as well as maximize your learning experience and increase your retention. They are the basics of success and belong on your shelf as a text book you go to again and again.
Subscribers are also encouraged to start by acquiring your success flight journal.

The suggested success text books we recommend for starters are a template for them to follow. They start with Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”, James Allen’s “As A Man Thinketh”, “The Power of Concentration” by Theron Q. Dumont, and finally George S Clayson’s “The Richest Man In Babylon. If you do not have this yourself and are at a loss you can acquire most of them at for about $15 to $20. The Power of Concentration is available for free at that site.

If you have not already we encourage you to sign up for the free newsletter so that you can have access to all the things we offer there for your success that you will not be able to access on this blog. If you’re interested just go to

Keep on Flying Upward & Onward, because the higher up you go the easier it is to fly!

Roger G – Your In-Flight Motivator