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I can’t believe what happened to me last week.


Have you ever experienced a suddenly? A total shift in reality? I mean one in which you thought everything was going okay and then suddenly because of something that comes along and lifts you up and suddenly you thought Wow! I had no idea this could be so good?


Allow me to give an example. My wife, pretty much all her life squinted when she read. She always thought this is just the way life is. She just coped with it. Well one day I decided to take her to the eye doctor and she discovered she had a astigmatism. She was prescribed glasses and the moment she put them on she stated out loud with incredible joy and enthusiasm “WOW I had no idea that my eyesight could be so good. It’s like going from analog TV to HDTV”


Well that is basically what happened to me. Now without getting too mystical here let me give you a perspective from my own experience.


Have you ever been just trotting along in your business struggling to make your business grow?. Maybe your marketing is not producing the results you want, or you feel drained at the end of the day. You feel more stressed than you’re used to.


Maybe customers or clients so drain you that you just want to hide.


Have you ever been so discouraged by the results you have been getting that you have this heavy cloud just looming over your shoulders as your trying to work through your frustrations?


That is where I had been for the last 6 1/2 years..


When we lost our entire business overnight we went from being on pace to making 7 figures that year to zero almost overnight.


I took 6 years off to heal and regroup but I felt totally wiped out. I felt very negative towards people, I could not get my energy back or my enthusiasm for my purpose. I doubted if I was to even be in this business and at times I was settling for what used to be labeled by me as a mediocre life.


After the 6 ½ year mark I got to where the dream in my heart slowly began to resurface. But I was met with tremendous procrastination. I struggled to make the kind of progress that I was capable of before. I was very hesitant to take on new clients and then when I did I undercharged what my previous experience was accustomed to because of a lack of confidence.


I was stuck in a rut. Going to bed at like 12a to 1a in the morning and waking up at 9:45 and struggling to get the day going.


I returned to my previous place of employment when my business crumbled just to keep the lights on, the roof over our head, and food on the table and what I got paid could barely do that. We had to take a hand-out from our in-laws just so my children could have milk for their cereal. It was a tough place. But it made me grow.


But then last week a dear and precious friend sent me a link to a free tele-seminar, by Debbie Lynn Grace, promoting a new course that she had just signed up for called:



Now mind you I was so busy struggling to get the business to where I was happy that for a fleeting second I thought “When am I going to have time for this” But because my mentor Jim Rohn used to tell me “What you don’t know can hurt you.” and He would say that “Ignorance is NOT Bliss but tragedy”


I kept reading her email.


Now since I trusted my friend, because she has never sent me anything like this I trusted her intuition and I set aside everything to listen.


To say that I experienced a transformation is an understatement. It was more like a complete and total miracle. I was so enthralled by what I was hearing that I kept stopping the webinar so I could transcribe it word for word. Now this had to be good to do this. As a previous promoter to my mentor Jim Rohn I knew good material when I hear it and this was far better than good. This was breakthrough material. By the time it was over I had more than 20 pages of notes.


Come to find out that Debbie ”had started her professional career in the direct marketing industry in the early 80’s where she was an Account Supervisor overseeing multi-million dollar direct mail campaigns for clients such as Citibank, Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo Bank. In 1991 she became Vice President of Marketing for a 4.5 billion dollar Financial Institution in Chicago.


The corporate environment was never Debbie’s great joy. She yearned to be on her own and the creator of her own path. She left the bank and in 1994 moved to St. Louis to start her own marketing consulting business, Source Communications.


A few months after starting her fledgling business, Debbie went through a painful divorce. Desperate to heal her emotional pain, Debbie turned to her old sister, Lisa for support and guidance. Lisa was a very gifted healer and energy worker. Lisa gave Debbie prophetic advice that would forever change Debbie’s life and unknowingly put her on the path of her true soul’s purpose.


Lisa advised Debbie to learn a form of energy work called Flow, Alignment and Connection in order to help with the emotional healing. For the next two years Debbie continued to grow her marketing consulting business by day. At night she learned how to track energy flow and identify where there is a lack of flow in a person or situation and dissolve the energy block so that a transformation would happen.


It was through this energy practice Debbie discovered she had a very powerful intuitive gift that she began to use in her consulting practice. She was able to identify the energy blocks in her clients’ business and give her clients very specific strategic advise that removed the energy blocks and aligned their business in the market place.


ORBGIn 2004 Debbie published her book,  Outrageous Business Growth. By then her business following had expanded worldwide as she crossed the globe to show people how to accelerate their sales growth. She was published in over 200 newspapers, magazines and websites and was frequently interviewed in the media.


Her story captivated my heart and caught my attention. Even though there were some terms, that in my present circles, would be considered “New Age” I knew from experience that the good LORD above can use anything to help us. Now I am not a big advocate of the New Age because my own life’s journey (Which is another story) lead to a major life crash from the man erroneous unstable teachings from that domain.


After that webinar I had no idea just how significant and dramatic the change would be. This was no ordinary tele-seminar.


All I know that something shifted and I went to bed that night at 11:30p and woke up at 3:45a in the morning energized and ready to greet the day. Unusual to say the least.


What transpired that day while at work was nothing short of miraculous. So much so I texted my friend and called another dear friend who has worked to help me grow. Here is what I basically told both of them:

“Wow have to share.

As a result of listening and taking notes and what she shared the mental emotional suffering I was experiencing on the plane is gone.
There is joy and new strength to do the work.

There is a such a grounded confidence in me and am getting downloads about my greater purpose and what I am called to do.

Work that needed to be done was cranked out in minutes instead of hours.

I no longer allowing the energies and drama of others to move me. There is courage to face it and wisdom to not take it on but to be who I am in love and strength.

And already someone just willing gave to me a beautiful prayer shawl. When I told him how beautiful it was he responded back and said do I want it. At first I said no I don’t want to take that and he replied no I have a ton of them. So I allowed my heart to open up and receive.

There is strength and purpose back in my voice and heart and my own faith has multiple by 10 fold. I feel unstoppable yet with loving humility and wisdom to not take on people’s negative or manipulative emotions.

I feel a new sense of energy and enthusiasm and have come out of my emotional cave and am eagerly talking to people instead of reluctantly saying the minimum I have to say just to get the job done.

Am now going to just trust that provision will come. Have to be in this class. If just that short session did so much what could 5 weeks do?”



Now I don’t know where you are in your business but I can tell you that a lot of our challenges come from the energies that we create around us by how we think & believe, the choices we make and the actions we take. But like Jim told me “I did not know just how much we can be affected. And I was experiencing tragedy.


Now if you’re a regular reader of my EntrepreneursPitStop blog, you know that I highlight people that I have vetted out to bring tangible reliable results to my subscribers.


If they are the real deal and they can be trusted, I will often ask them to become an expert advisor to help our subscribers. (You know I’m going to be asking Debbie 🙂 )


I then share how wonderful their work has contributed to my success and this week I really want to help you by sharing the words that Debbie Lynn does so from her website itself, so let me ask you….


Is there something out of whack in your life?


Your finances?

Your relationships?

Your health?

Your career?

Your happiness?


When something is out of whack it knocks everything in your life off-kilter. Your emotions go on a roller coaster. Your health gets affected. Your stress skyrockets.


The common solution when you are feeling out of alignment is to come up with a plan and work harder. Yet “working harder” is NOT the best solution to put yourself in alignment. And here’s why…


While you may get temporary results with this ineffective method, it will NOT remove the very energy blocks preventing you from creating the life you truly desire with ease and flow. In fact this course of action can actually keep you STUCK in the pattern of low vibration thinking of fear and constriction.


Over the past 30 years, she has helped thousands of individuals with their own personal and professional transformation.


she continually see the same energy blocks with people that hold them back from EXPERIENCING a life of inner fulfillment, prosperity, passion, love and joy.


  • These energy blocks will undermine your life.

  • They will rob you of the financial prosperity you want.

  • They will keep you stuck in a holding pattern of lack, constriction or burnout.

  • They will keep you in a state of confusion.

  • They will make your purpose seem elusive.

  • They can trigger you into a state of fear, lack, depression, frustration and procrastination.


In her website, you will find various products and programs that show you how to get in alignment so that your energy blocks dissolve. They help you close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.


I can say first hand that this work has unlocked in my the WOW experience and revealed not just how incredible life can be when we eliminate the energy block in our life but also how bad my life had become as I allowed the negative energies around me to affect me.


So this week go check out her site. You can also be helped just by listening to her videos on YouTube


Do me a favor. I’d love to hear how this tip has helped you this week so make a point to come back and share your own story.


Until we fly together again remember to always “Fly Right”


Upward & Onward;



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