Thanks for your interest in the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop!

I'm so excited you have decided to take a look inside.


Let me ask you a quick question.


What do you think is the real reason why people and their businesses fail to grow and succeed to the degree they are capable of?


There are plenty of people who have all the so called knowledge, are willing to work hard, burn the midnight oil, establish all the right contacts, pour money into their business only to watch it putter along.


The truth is, what they lack is "Wisdom", and consistently focused attention on the key critical areas.


So what if you had access to a virtual treasure chest of individuals who have the wisdom to build, launch, and grow successful businesses?


What would that do for you and your own business?


How quickly do you think you could scale by having access to the wisdom you need and all the right resources & tools you need to make your dream a reality, that much more quickly?


Allow me to share with you the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop.


The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop is a community driven resource depot dedicated to helping you succeed.


What makes this community driven resource portal so valuable is people, like yourself, who have a dream of making the world a better place, who want to do it right and who desire to help others in the process, have come together in a safe reliable place to share the right wisdom that is needed to help you grow without stealing or bleeding your pocket book dry.


Because let's face the truth. There are many out in the world wide web who will try and sell you the latest and greatest tool or tips when maybe what you needed was your first real laptop or maybe your business license.


When you join The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop you become part of a growing comprehensive online community and resource depot where you can gain access to everything you need to build, launch and grow your business the right way the first time.


Plus you'll make those significant connections with other like minded individuals who truly wish to help you succeed..


But keep in mind that this is not a get rich quick or cheesy internet marketing machine. This is a real online resource center and community that are all striving for one thing, Your success.


With that in mind allow me to help you understand some of the many benefits you will find with your membership....


Your membership benefits includes:


Access to...



16+ Business Experts Who Will

Help You Grow Your Business



Many entrepreneurs fail during their first few years of business because they lack one or more basic business skills.


Which business skills?


Well, it’s different for everybody.


But it’s fairly common to lack skills in marketing, outsourcing, time management, accounting, product creation and fulfillment, and pay-per-click advertising (among many others).


That’s why it’s critical that you plug in to a community of like minded business experts who are not only in the trenches every day, but who can teach you what you need to know and help you along the way.


And that is exactly what Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop provides you…


You'll also find all sorts of training about every phase of business such as.



  • How to write a simple one-page business plan in an hour or less -- then use this document to guide you to build your business correctly the first time.


  • How to locate those who need what you have to offer. (The people who need what you have are going to buy from some one. Why not let it be you who cares about helping them?)


  • How to build an audience of people who have freely volunteered to hear from you every single week. (Your email list will quickly become your most-valued business asset.)


  • A little-known strategy replaces your job income with business income. Learn how to do this and you’ll soon be doing what your heart was meant to do and earning while doing it!


  • How to build your business anytime, anywhere... with nothing more than your laptop and an Internet connection.


  • Productivity secrets for getting more done in less time. (Think you’re too busy to start a business? Think again!)


  • Common traits among the most successful business people in the world -- and how you can cultivate these traits in your own life.

    How to align with a business that suites you best -- Stop waiting valuable time & money by chasing false hopes. Learn to identify what your passion is and focus it so you succeed.

    How to use social media the right way to make the most difference for your your audience and help you stand out from all the noise in their lives.


  • And much, much more!



When you join, you’ll get more than an A to Z business success library…


You’ll also get monthly Inner Circle conference calls with our business experts where we’ll help you breakthrough obstacles and make sure your business is on the right track.


On top of that you'll learn new business-building skills every month… ask all your burning questions… and get in-depth answers on the spot!


And to help you even more we have come up with a way to save you money and direct those funds into your business by adding some valuable perks while you remain a subscriber.


Here Are Some of the Additional Perks You’ll Get

as A Member of our Community


As one of our limited Charter Memberships and you’ll also receive these money saving perks...


  • $1,000 in Grocery Coupons of Your Choice - Save money on all kinds of groceries you buy on a regular basis. Then, use the money you save to grow your business!
  • 60% Prescription Discount Card - Reduce your medical expenses on those much needed prescription by 60% at thousands of stores across America.


  • Vital Business & Legal Documents - Lawyers cost a fortune but we know the cost effective way to get strong legal documents at pennies on the dollar. We are also in the process of partnering with a great vendor for you, to create these documents, so you don’t have to!!


  • Self-Assessment Survey from The Forbes Venture Alliance - TVA advises early stage companies on the path to success. Maybe this is why Forbes Magazine recently called this survey “The most important hour you’ll ever spend building your business.” Find out how fundable your business really is – and what steps you can take to make your dream a solid business idea.


Plus as an entrepreneur myself with more than 20 start-ups under my own belt I know first hand the many challenges one faces to build their dream.


The biggest are distractions, and proper planning.


That's why I also wanted to throw in two valuable resources that I learned to help me in my own businesses...



  • The Sacred 7 Time Management System - Discover how to use your time wisely and get more value out of every day. This stuff is critical if you ever want to get free of your job!
  • Strategic Freedom 2.0 Planning System - Learn the secrets of the most advanced planning system in the world that allows the Night Stalkers, an elite Special Operations Aviation unit, to deliver their secret warrior clients anywhere in the world +or- 30 seconds from their planned time. These seven pilot secrets for success in life and business are mandatory if you are to succeed.



Just Some Awesome Benefits



And it's yours as part of your membership!


All these features are going to provide you with so many lifetime benefits that we can't even include them all without overwhelming you. But things like

  • Save more than 9. 5 weeks every year with the most powerful productivity strategies today so you can do the things that mean the most to you like take that vacation you have always wanted to or have some free time with the children, or to write a book. You get the idea I'm sure.
  • Feel confident and secure with a clearly laid out plan. That's why franchises are so valuable because they lay out the plan for you. Once you see the plan and you know you can do it your confidence in the future will grow and you'll begin to realize you can secure your future taking the right steps which brings.
  • Peace of Mind There are many things that bring you stress and worry. We don't know exactly what the future will bring but we do know that if we develop the right skills we can succeed in any environment. The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop will give you peace of mind once you realize you are developing skills you can take and succeed anywhere.
  • Friends & Fun Today's high tech world has allowed us to reach people but we are more out of touch in the sense that we are hidden behind computers and are isolated in our homes. Our live events will allow you to connect with those you meet and develop new friendships with like minded people who care about you and your growth & success.
  • Clarity of mind and purpose. Once you discover why your here in this world and remove the mental emotional blocks keeping you from the results you know in your heart are possible you will finally have clarity of mind and purpose like nothing you have ever experienced.


I could go on and on but to prevent from making this Too Long and prevent you from Not Reading it I'll stop here.




What is The Investment?



Okay so the question you are asking right about now it what is the investment?


We'll that's the easy part.


As an entrepreneur I know that your going to have to invest in a lot of different tools and resources to grow your business, but the key is managing those resources so you get the best return on investment.


Now like mentioned earlier that if you could shorten your learning curve and save thousands by not wasting money on the wrong people or in tools at the wrong time then that would be valuable I'm sure you would agree right?


But allow me to share a small bit of wisdom that my mentor passed on to me. It's not a cost. Costs you don't get back. It really is an investment for you, your family and for your future. With these skills you can build any business, any time, in any situation.


Now like I shared before if you were to go through all the courses I went through to learn these skills you would shell out easily more than $100,000 dollars.


But I really wanted to make this affordable for everyone and I thought long and hard about what would really make sense and at the same time make sure you would use this resource center.


We tested some initial price points for our founding members that included monthly prices as much as $69.97 per month, $29.97 per month and then ran the ideas on some friends and business colleagues and they all shared some valuable insights.


All that to say with this in mind we've decided for this initial Charter Membership in the Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop we would make available for the first 1,000 people a ONE TIME INVESTMENT of Only $200 or 20/month for 12 months



Why Such a Low Investment


There are two good reasons the Charter Memberships are only $200.


Reason #1 - Eventually the monthly membership will be $69.97/month but by becoming an “early adopter” and joining now, you’re becoming part of a growing business community that will only become bigger and more valuable over time. We want to reward you for taking initiative.


Reason #2 - Like mentioned we don't want anybody to be left behind… especially entrepreneurs who are on a shoestring budget. I know what it’s like to be struggling and have only $30 in my account... and I know what it's like to not be able to afford quality information that could help my business, and the missed opportunities because I wasn't ready.


So no matter where you're at right now, I want to help you get the right information and tools you need so you can build your business right, minimize costly mistakes and save valuable time that might otherwise be wasted kissing a lot of frogs trying to find the right people you could trust.


But please don’t be deceived by the introductory price… your $200 Charter Membership provides you with hundreds of dollars worth of valuable business advice and bonus gifts.


Not sure?


We'll we wanted you to be certain so we took away all the fear... you don’t risk a penny to try the Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop…


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


After joining, you have 30 days to test-drive everything in the Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop. Download all the training materials… ask our experts questions… and participate in the monthly Inner Circle conference calls.


Then if for some strange reason (or no reason at all) you decide this isn’t for you, then just let me know and you’ll get every penny of your investment back.


But to make it even better I've given you 30 days for under $20.00 for you to give it a drive. That's a $.55 a day for 30 days to test it out.


To date, nobody has taken us up on our offer -- but the door is open to you at any time.


There is no yearly contract. We believe that it should just be simple value exchange. If you no longer find this resource valuable then simply cancel your membership at any time and owe nothing further.


Now here is the "But Wait" :-)  But I wanted to do something even more extraordinary.




















As part of our launch and because of this beta program we wanted to offer our first 1,000 charter members the opportunity of a life time.


For a Limited time ONLY we are going to make The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop available for a one time payment of just $150.00 for life...


You heard me correctly.


A 1 Time Payment of $150 for lifetime membership.


But you have to register before the clock runs out and we get our first 1,000 Founding Charter Members.


After that it will go to a monthly membership at $29.97/ month. Which is a deal in of itself.




It's Time to Make a Decision


My hope is that you can get a sense of what we are about and that we really want to help you build, not just something that is more reliable than today's job seeking marketplace, but your dream business that can supply you with the fulfillment you are looking for.


And that we also want to help change the world.


But it requires a decision on your part.


You stand at a crossroads.


You can do what you’ve always done -- and keep getting the results you’ve always gotten.


Or you can try something different -- and change your future for the better.


Remember, for a limited time you can become a Founding Charter Member of Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop for a 1 Time Investment of just $150, after which the first 1,000 members it will go to $29.97/month.


You could take that same $150 and buy yourself breakfast and lunch at Panera Bread for the month on your way to work.


Or you could wisely invest it in your skills and build that dream business.


Buy a couple of meals and it’s gone forever. But your tiny investment in the Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop will multiply and grow and many times over.


So the next question I have to ask you is...What are you waiting for?


You’ve got nothing to lose.


It’s time to use your money wisely, make that impact the world is desperate for, and be the leader of light the future needs... activate your membership, and join us in this sacred journey today…





To Your Success,

-Roger Gauthier


P.S. When you join Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop you’ll also get a copy of the book Pilot Vision. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin remarked, “Whether you're flying to the Moon or doing business on Earth, you need Pilot Vision.” This book sells every day for $14.50, but it’s yours free when you join Entrepreneur’s Pit Stop today.


Oh, and remember… as soon as Member #1,000 joins, the $150.00 Founding Charter Membership will be gone forever.


Join today to secure your spot!


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