Welcome to The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop! Your Online Resource Center For All Your Business Needs.


If you ever wanted to have your own business or already do, you know that there are specific steps you need to take to build, launch and grow your vision to a global market place successfully.


You know you need to learn specific skills and get the right knowledge otherwise you become frustrated that your business is not growing like you know it should.


Yet with things changing so fast and the growing complexity of strategy and tactics, it has become more difficult to master everything you need to do.

Almost everyone has agreed that they wish there was a step by step blue print you could follow and a community of integrity driven people they could trust who could help them with all the areas they need help with.

New business owners and veterans all agree that the biggest challenge you will face is knowing exactly what to do and finding the right people who can turn your vision or dream into reality.

But finding them in today's world has become more complex and difficult with the growing number of people who claim to have those skills. Most people I talk to have all had the same story of how they get taken advantage of or spent a fortune trying to locate the right help with the right skills.


The Solution

Well that is what I had thought myself. After spending $100,000 it became clear that a better solution was needed.

That solution was The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop http://e-PitStop. I created it after I tried to build the online portion of my company TVG. Not knowing who to trust, what was truly needed, and who had the skills that were needed I invested more than $100,000 trying to figure the online portion of it. I had to sort through thousands of cheesy sales letters and hype filled offers.


The biggest tragedy was that I lost precious valuable time to help people and lost to competitors with less integrity who had both the team and money.

What I discovered the hard way is that many online vendors knew how to write compelling sales pieces that convinced you they had the answer but only after investing did you discover it is not the end all solution they promised but rather one of many things that were needed.


Secretly one marketer told me they knew people were not disciplined and wanted an easy way to wealth so they simply obliged.

The other thing that soon became frustrating is that no one had a step by step sequential process to help you build your business. Instead one person said you needed an auto responder, another said a shopping cart and yet another said you need a viral generator and not necessarily in that order.

While these things were needed at some point down the road there was no "step by step process", a blue print or instructions if you will, that could properly guide you.

The net result was that it took 4 times as long and twice the amount of money as originally budgeted.

Out of frustration the question finally arose "What if there was an online resource center, a home depot for entrepreneurs, and a community where you could get access to all the right tools and training from people who really care about helping you succeed?

What if you could lay it out in a logical sequential order that you could literally follow it step by step?



A Community Dedicated to Your Success!

Thus The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop was formed to be just that. An online community and resource center dedicated to helping people of all experience levels build, launch and grow their business correctly, and cost effectively around the globe.

Weather your just getting started in business, or are currently building a business or are a season veteran who's getting back into the game one final time you'll find the e-PitStop a valuable resource.

This online portal has been designed to save you time and money by giving you access to the best training, all the tools you will need, as well as the financial resources and the human capital you need.

We carefully select the best people who are truly experts in their field who care about you and want to help you succeed.

Each has proven themselves to be highly skilled, honest, people of integrity and fair in their dealings with their clients.



A Virtual Tool Box


Inside e-PitStop there are also online tools like the Business Acceleration Check List designed to lead you step by step to build your business.


If your a new comer or are a well seasoned veteran you can gain significant insight and wisdom to ensure you don't miss one step. Just like the professional pilots who have flown thousands of hours use a check list. This tool will become invaluable.


But we also have a comprehensive Business Start-Up Tool Box written by Dr. Larry Pate who has helped mom and pop start-ups as well as advised multi-billion dollar operations understand what it takes to build your business. He has advised more than 260 businesses in 69 countries.

Within this portal you will also find the Strategic Freedom Planning System modeled after the most elite helicopter team in the world who have the reputation of delivering their clients +/- 30 seconds from their designated time. This program is designed to help you get clear on what you need to do and to translate goals into achievable tasks.

There is a growing archive of encouragement videos designed to inspire you to make that extra effort on those days you feel like throwing in the towel.

If you have never been in business before then you can check out our expanding Wealth Vault and look at all the legitimate businesses that we have already investigated for you.

Our training center focuses on providing you with the latest information on all the hot topics from the best in their fields. Topics like social media, video marketing, viral and mobile marketing, leadership, business plan writing, online business and so much more.

The Reading Vault, which is constantly being added to gives you access to some of the best books ever written for free.


In reality I wanted to give you a virtual toolbox that can really help you.



It's Who You Know!

Our online forum is being populated with like minded individuals who wish to make a difference and who also care about helping others. It is a virtual brain trust of people helping people.


The philosophy is that by helping one another, instead of ruthless competition, we are contributing to the whole and we can all become better and and have greater success much more quickly.


It's often mistaken that to succeed you need to know more. While this is true to some degree the key is "Who you know". Who do you know who knows what you need to do and can do it?


So in truth it's who you know that will make the biggest difference.


That's why it has been said you are only one person, or one network away from seeing all your dreams become a reality.




The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop
Saves You Money

As our community continues to grow we also are able to acquire significant discounts on the things you need every day.

Already we have a cash back program that provides 5 to 40% cash back on many of the things you need for your business and your personal life.

Our prescription discount card gives you 60% discount on those medications that can get rather costly and our grocery coupons gives you $1,000 in coupons of your choice redeemable at any grocery store across the USA.

These two programs alone save you more than $1000 and allows you to put those precious resources back into your dream business.

Our objective is to help you build you business correctly and in a way that resonates with who you are and to support your desires.

We aim to save you both time and money because let's face it...the internet is full of people out their that may not have your best interests at heart nor are mindful of your time or your wallet.


You may be asking at this point how much is this going to cost me? And that is both a fair and great question. So allow me to first say that I've downloaded my brain this portal and if you were to shell out the money to go through all that I went through to learn these skills you would have to invest well over $100,000. No Joke.


But my desire is to empower as many people as I can to realize their dream and understand all to well what it is like to live on spaghetti for months at a time and having to decide where and when to drive because of not having enough money to buy gas for the car till your next paycheck comes in.


Believe me I know what is means to struggle and see your significant other wonder where the money is going to come from to pay the bills this month.


That is why me goal is to make this both affordable but also to motive you to apply what we are going to give you access to. Because I also know that if it is too cheap you won't appreciate the value and you will probably never go through the materials and participate on the webinars.


That is what birthed my mission.


Our Mission


You see the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop is more than just an online resource center. Our mission is to create a community of Enlightened Entrepreneurs who can reach out to those around them and train up others in their communities to become enlightened entrepreneurs because all the answers to our problems are in the hearts of people.


If we can teach and help them learn how to bring that solution they have in the form of an idea or vision to the market place we can solve these major problems and create a world that thrives and prospers by helping others not exploiting them.


And that's what I desire to do for you. To reach out and help.

We realize that people need more information at times to make the right decision. What they really want to know is if we are honest, can they really get what we are promising, can they do it. They need some way to verify they are making the right decision.

Well we want you to feel confident so that is why we want to give you the opportunity to take a peak inside the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop. Sort of an online test drive.


This community driven resource center is being positioned to become a monthly based subscription of $69.97/month but right now our Fall 2016 Special we are making this available for a limited one time payment for Life time access of only $150

If you would like to test drive our Entrepreneurs Pit Stop  you can register and if your not satisfied for the first 30 days you can have a full refund.


If you like what you see and are confident that this online community can help you, then you can enjoy all our resources for the rest of your life for your single payment. But
that offer is only going to last for the first 1000 people.

But we believe you will get tremendous value from everything inside from our group coaching calls, to all our training and resources.

And the networking you will be able to do will ad significant value. It has been wisely said that you are just one person away from seeing all your dreams come true.

In this case your only one network away from making all your dreams come true.

If your ready to join us then click the I'm in button for a complete list of membership benefits.

So I hope to see you join this community of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.


To Your Success,

-Roger Gauthier







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