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The New Year 2014 is now here and many New Years Resolutions are under way. Why not start now and do things differently this year and learn how to strategically plan your new life and business the right way. If your thinking about starting a business, now is the best time to start a business than at any other time in history. If your a veteran then why not get the right team behind you so this year can be your best year.

Regardless of what the media or others around you may say, right now is the best time to get into business. Peer into history and look at the economic slowdowns. Almost every recession/depression in the post-World War II era lasted on average about 10 months, followed by significant growth cycles that last an average about 50 months. Discover the keys to thrive in the days ahead and plot your destiny now.

You Are Only One Network Away From Making All Your Dreams Come True & Seeing Your Goals Come To Pass.

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    The Entrepreneur Pit Stop has an extensive ever growing Tutorial Center with a series of written, audio and video tutorials to get you and your teams up to speed quickly on the latest developments on and off line. We'll keep you up to date on the best practices and latest developments in every critical field to thrive in your business from what's happening spiritually, politically, economically to what you need to do personally to preserve your health, family, wealth, and future.

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    Throughout the year The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop will hold live and online events to help you develop your skills and improve your life and business from seasoned veterans who are in the trenches day in and day out.

    As a member you will get free access to many of these events or discounted access to some of the best training money can invest in.

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    We have a NEW addition to the PitStop.
    Elliot Reiff is founder and Managing Member of TVA Capital as well as a founder and owner of The Venture Alliance. Elliot created and entered into an alliance with Forbes.com and Forbes magazine to use the TVA assesment tool to select the Entrepreneure of the year. As A Pit Stop member you get first access to the TVA Assessment tool that Forbes used In 2009 Forbes published a list of America’s Most Promising Companies, powered by TVA’s proprietary scoring methodology.